Josh Hayes: Nice Guys Finish Fast

Hayes1croppedA funny thing happened as my son and I walked the pits of the World and AMA Superbike races in Tooele, Utah. We found ourselves walking toward a fully-leathered Josh Hayes before the start of the AMA Superbike event.

Knowing that he was mentally preparing (and hydrating) for the event, we unobtrusively wished him “good luck”. To our surprise, he stopped and shook our hands. Not only that, he took the time to have a little chat with us.

I’ve been to enough races, and been in close proximity to enough top racers to know that many can be more than a little aloof and egotistically distant. Knowing that we met up with him during his pre-race preparations, Josh had every right to brush us off. He did not.

The race that he was preparing for turned out to be epic. Josh and Blake Young swapped positions repeatedly before Young ultimately held on to the top position on the final lap. It was the most exciting event on the final race day in Tooele.

Hayes3croppedIn the podium ceremony, it was again Hayes who captivated the audience with his humor and humility. He told the crowd with a grin that his wife had told him, “Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser.” Obviously he did not relish finishing second.

After the champagne spraying that concluded the ceremony, Hayes again walked directly toward my son and me. In the disappointment of a second place finish, Hayes could have quickly brushed through the waiting crowd. He did not. He shook every outstretched hand (including my son’s) and talked with a smile to fans.

In our contact, Josh Hayes had no idea that I was a moto-journalist – it wouldn’t have mattered. He is a guy who treats everyone with respect. I was already a Josh Hayes fan. Now my son is, too. Yep, in the case of Josh Hayes, nice guys finish fast.

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