Filmore Wins at Road America

Chris_Filmore_Wins_XR1200_at_Road_AmericaIn an exciting Harley XR1200 race at Road America today, the top 7 riders finished within one second of one another. Chris Filmore led the pack across the line, followed by Danny Eslick and Travis Wyman.

The big Harley’s ran down the Road America stretch one after another like a freight train, creating great opportunities for drafting and passing.

“These Harleys push a pretty big head of air,” said Eslick, who will have another shot at the podium this afternoon in the Daytona Sportbike race. “So whenever you’re the fourth or fifth guy you can get up a good head of steam. No one wanted to lead coming out of the last corner. Draft was a huge part of the race today.”

Filmore was also playing the draft and was nervous as he led the way down the final stretch.

“It surprised me,” Filmore said “I think it was the only lap where nobody passed me down the stretch. I really want to win this championship, and the race today was up for grabs. I’m really happy to take the win here.”

Behind Filmore and Eslick came Travis Wyman. Wyman earned his first AMA podium during the XR1200 race, and would run from the podium to try for the win in the AMA Supersport win.

XR1200 Race Results – Road America

  1. Filmore
  2. Eslick
  3. Wyman
  4. Barnes
  5. Rapp
  6. Higbee
  7. Beck
  8. Ohara
  9. Wyman
  10. Corbino

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