Brand New! Arai Corsair V Nicky-3 Stars Helmets!

Arguably one of the best helmets ever produced, the Arai Corsair V is now available in a hot new graphic: the Arai Corsair V Nicky-3 Stars Helmet. The Nicky 3 replica has been a popular choice of serious riders for the last year or so, and now Arai has amped up the graphic with signature Nicky Hayden stars at the back.  The new Arai Nicky 3 Stars Helmet features stars that fade up into the red at the top of the helmet, which makes for a really great look.  The Corsair V Nicky-3 Stars Helmets carry the Snell 2010 certification and are of course DOT approved.  Estimated delivery to the Arai warehouse is early to mid August, pre-order yours today!


You can check out all the Nicky Hayden Helmets at

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