What a Day for Wyman: Wyman Takes Maiden Supersport Victory

Travis_Wyman_WinsJust minutes after claiming his first AMA podium in the XR1200 series, Travis Wyman scored his maiden Supersport victory. Wyman beat out Dustin Dominguez and Tomas Puerta for the race win.

The AMA Supersport race saw four top riders take falls early on. Benny Solis and David Gaviria were the first pair to go down. When Solis and Gaviria hit the dirt, Elena Myers was able to take the lead. Myers, the first woman to win an AMA race, looked like she was going to run away with the win.

James Rispoli and Corey Alexander eventually made their way to the front, and exchanged the top spot with Myers a few times before Alexander low-sided and ended both his and Rispoli’s race.

Myers again was at the forefront, but Wyman, Dominguez, and Puerta quickly found their way to the front. Wyman started to pull away with the race with a few laps to go, as Myers, Dominguez, and Puerta battled for the final spots on the podium. Myers wouldn’t have enough in the end and would finish the race .15 seconds behind Puerta for the final spot on the podium.

Dustin Dominguez took the second place spot on a brand new Triumph Daytona 675.

“Friday was the first time I threw a leg over the bike,” Dominguez said. “I got a call after Daytona from RSR (which runs the Latus team) and he asked if he wanted to ride with him. You don’t pass that up so I said ‘heck yeah.’ I’m an East coast rider, so this is our first weekend with the Triumph. We came here this weekend to sort of test and see what we had to work on, before we head to Barber for some points and to start our run at the championship.”

But the big winner at Road America was Travis Wyman. Wyman took third in the XR1200 class before taking his first victory in the AMA Supersport class.

“I was really happy to get third in that race (the XR1200),” Wyman said. “I was really confident going into the Supersport race. These bikes are so different. I kind of just have to flip a switch in my head. They’re two completely different bikes. I was offered the chance to stay on the podium and miss the Supersport sighting lap, but I said ‘no way.;I still made a few mistakes today, but I was able to get my first win. It’s pretty exciting.”

AMA Supersport Results

  1. Wyman
  2. Dominguez
  3. Puerta
  4. Myers
  5. Parker
  6. Mesa
  7. Ohge
  8. Gillim
  9. Nash
  10. Graham

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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