New Biker Rally Attire Rules to be Implemented Nationwide

FatBikers_2Having spent time covering two recent biker rallies for All About Bikes, I feel compelled to lay down a few rules for biker attire at future gatherings. Some of these rules will apply only to people of a certain age or sex. Others are universal, and must be observed by bikers of any vintage. Here are the new rules in no particular order.

1. If your arms are devoid of any semblance of a muscle, you may not wear sleeveless denim shirts. This rule applies only to men; and primarily to men in their second half-century. There is a secondary rule (1b) that prohibits the same men covered in the above specified rule from sporting tribal arm band tattoos (either real or temporary).

2. If your chest measurement is figured in length (or sag) rather than cup size, you must wear a bra, and you may not ride in a bikini top. Sadly, this rule applies men as well as women.

3. If you can no longer button your leather vest, you must wear a shirt underneath. Please note: excessive body hair does not count as said undershirt. Again, this rule applies to both sexes.

4. You may only wear rally T-shirts of rallies you have actually attended. At the Laughlin River Run, I asked a guy who was wearing a Daytona Bike Week 2011 shirt to give me his impressions of the event. He informed me that he bought the shirt on eBay and wasn’t at Bike Week. In the future, hotel or bar receipts will be used for verification.

5. Chaps that do not cover the posterior may only be worn if you meet all of the following criteria. A. You are under the age of 30. B. You are not a candidate for cellulite cream. C. Either your mother or your teenage daughter has given your look the OK.

6. T-shirts or patches that profess your toughness, your bad attitude, or what you did to the last guy who touched your bike must be verified. There will be a fighting octagon set up at all future rallies for said verification.

7. Fringes are allowed, but should be worn in moderation. Fringes that have their own fringes are strictly prohibited. Men who wear T-shirts of the variety listed in rule 6 must wear fringes into the octagon.

So that is a list of essential biker rally rules of attire. If you have additions, please submit them in the form of reader comments. They will be considered for adoption.

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Rossi Tests Ducati GP12 at Mugello

rossi_testing_at_mugelloValentino Rossi got the chance today to climb back aboard Ducati’s 2012 prototype at the Mugello circuit. Rossi did 36 laps aboard the GP12 on the final day of testing for the Ducati team.

This is the second time that Valentino Rossi has tested the GP12. The first time Rossi hopped on the GP12 was at Jerez in early April. (You can see the video of that test here.)

“I’m pleased, because it was a positive test,” said Rossi. “We took full advantage of the time we had, because the track and weather conditions were perfect.”

The Mugello track was recently repaved, which gave Rossi a chance to test the new track before the MotoGP heads to the Italian circuit next month. Mugello is also the circuit where Rossi broke his leg last year.

“I liked the new asphalt a lot,” Rossi said. “The surface is smooth, those holes that I knew so well are now gone, and the grip is fantastic. I must say they’ve done a great job, because if it’s possible, riding here at Mugello is now even better than before.

“I’m happy to have come back here to test after my injury last year, because it was a nice feeling and a good day. We started around 11:00 this morning, and we completed sixty laps in all…

“We tested everything that (technical director Filippo Preziosi) had planned to try, and we’re satisfied because, although we’re still at a pretty early stage, we’re going in the right direction.”

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Jenny Tinmouth Leaves British Superbike Series

jenny_tinmouthShortly after making her historic debut in the British Superbike series, Jenny Tinmouth has split from the Splitlath Motorsport team.

Tinmouth, who was the first woman to compete in the British Superbike series, has had trouble finding competitive settings on her bike this year. Tinmouth failed to qualify during the opening rounds of the BSB series, but did manage to make her historic debut at Croft last weekend.

“We had a lot of problems with the bike and it hasn’t worked out,” Timmouth said. “It’s not a decision I’ve taken lightly but things have not gone as I expected. We didn’t get enough testing in at the start of the season and the problems have been continuous.”

Tinmouth, who took third in the British Supersport series last year, says that she will try to compete in the BSB again in the near future.

“I always intended it to be a learning year but I went into British Superbikes to race and I just didn’t get the opportunity to show what I could do,” Tinmouth said. “I felt that the best thing for both me and the team was for me to leave and get some track time.

“I want to take the positives out of the whole experience and I am proud that I was the first woman to race in Superbikes. It’s definitely something that I am aiming to return to as soon as possible. I felt at home in Superbikes, it wasn’t a monumental step up from the level I was at previously. I know that I’m good enough to compete but in order to do that I need to race as it’s what I love to do.

“I’ll take stock, get back on the bike and hopefully have a shot at the Superbikes in the not too distant future.”

Tinmouth will be replaced by American Mark Miller for the next round of the British Superbike series at Thruxton.

“Jenny has been fantastic to work with and we are all sorry that things haven’t worked out as we had hoped. Mark is a very experienced rider and we are delighted he is joining the team,” said Splitlath team Manager John Dimbylow.

Tinmouth, who made history in 2010 by bcoming the fastest woman at the Isle of Man, will also be sitting out of the TT this year.

“I will not be competing at the TT but it will give me the chance to get a new perspective on the event and to recharge,” Tinmouth said.

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MotoGP Opens Official Online Store

motogp_storeThe MotoGP has just opened its first official online store. The store will sell all licensed MotoGP products, like hats, sweatshirts, backpacks, and books. The store went live today and can be accessed at

“MotoGP fans all around the world have been looking forward to a comprehensive offer of official merchandising and the new MotoGP Store can now cater to their wishes, with unparalleled ease of use and an exhaustive range of products, matching the offer of what fans can purchase on-site at a MotoGP event, as well as products that have not been seen at the circuits” said Pau Serracanta, Dorna Sports’ Commercial Area Managing Director.

The MotoGP store will ship globally to racing fans around the world. Dorna Sports has partnered with Insiteout, an e-commerce company, to bring the online store to fruition.

“At Insiteout, we tackled the challenge of transferring the emotion and passion experienced at the track to an online experience up to the standards of the MotoGP fans: a user-friendly Store which will be improved constantly to match the demands of the fans,” said Marc Malagelada, co-founder and Marketing Director of Insiteout.

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Kennaugh and Miller Set for TT Assault

Hud_iomttThe UK-based South African rider Hudson Kennaugh will join America’s Mark Miller onboard a pair of Aprilia RSV4s to tackle the world famous road race as it celebrates its Centenary year.

Kennaugh will fly out to the island on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon after he contests Round Four of the MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship at Thruxton, ahead of first practice later that evening.

This will be the second time that Kennaugh, who finished runner-up in the 2010 BSB-Evo Championship, has taken part in the historic event.

He made his TT debut last year, and is relishing the opportunity to go back and take it on again. “I love the TT, it’s a fantastic event which just gets bigger each year, so to be coming back for a second attempt is just awesome,” he said.

“I’ve always had an enormous amount of respect for those guys who raced the roads, and getting out there last year was a real buzz. I’ve been keen to get back again, so it’s great to get the chance to come back with Splitlath.

“It’s new ground for me going out there on the Aprilia, but it’s going to be great. Mark’s got great form around there, so I think we can work well together. I can’t wait.”

American ace Miller is no stranger to the TT. The former AMA turned road racer has contested the event several times, winning the 2010 TT Zero electric bike race, and has competed in the Macau GP many times, which he has previously described as “a walk in the park” compared to the TT.

Team Manager John Dimbylow is looking forward to the event. “This is my first TT and I can’t wait to get out there with the bikes to experience it. We are running Aprilia RSV4s in three races, and it’s going to be good for us to see how we get on.

“Hudson was keen to do the TT again and I felt that it would be a new opportunity for Splitlath Motorsport. We are keen to develop ourselves as one of the UK’s leading Superbike teams, and believe tackling an event as famous as the TT is an essential part of the journey.”

The first qualifying session for the Isle of Man TT Races fuelled by Monster Energy takes place on Monday 30th May. You can listen live around the world via

[Press Release and Photo Courtesy of the IOMTT]

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