California Scooter Company to Supply CSC-150P Police Motorcycle

The CSC-150P is a new, small motorcycle which was recently announced for police use by California Scooter Company (CSC), the manufacturer already known for bringing back the old-school, Mustang-style motorcycle. This news may cause some readers to be a little confused at first glance because, while they call them scooters, the bikes do require using a clutch and shifting gears. What’s more, the California Scooter Company marketing team calls the CSC-150P a ‘small motorcycle’ in their literature…ah, semantics…

What California Scooter does do is produce a line of fun, extremely durable and perfectly useful motorcycles, of which the CSC-150P is now a part – at least for law enforcement. The small scale and nostalgic American look invites crowds wherever CSC machines go. And, these scooters are made in America, though some parts are sourced elsewhere; all the same, purchasing from CSC does help keep a few more jobs around for us.


Why build the CSC-150P?

California Scooter Company AdvertThe demands on a vehicle which is primarily to be used in a crowded urban environment are strengths for the California Scooter product; the CSC-150P and its cousins are highly maneuverable, lightweight, and only use a gallon of fuel for every 90 (or more) miles they travel. Patrols in large, densely populated, inner-city areas or crowded tourist traps are the perfect stomping grounds for this small motorcycle.

California Scooter designs the CSC-150P to have a short wheelbase, relatively small-diameter wheels, and electric starting, but keeps a neutral seat height so that visibility is maintained. It can literally run circles around the already surprisingly nimble police motorcycles patrolling the streets around all of us now; the CSC-150P has a much smaller overall footprint than any model.

What makes up the CSC-150P?

Off the California Scooter Company production lines, the CSC-150P is painted in the almost ubiquitous two-tone black and white with appropriate areas left available for department-specific stickers and graphics. Other color combinations are available by special order, of course. As the law enforcement purpose is certain, standard equipment includes a special calibrated speedometer, windshield, storage rack, saddlebags, siren, enhanced engine guards, and – you guessed it – police lighting!

Why would law enforcement choose the CSC-150P?

California Scooter Company products are based on bikes like this '64 MustangThe CSC-150P will be an inexpensive option for certain special police duties; according to California Scooter Company, the small motorcycle is exceptionally less maintenance-intensive than any currently popular police bike and, along with its fuel-sipping nature, has a ready and inexpensive parts supply and a very low price of entry. Without doubt, the CSC-150P is a perfect budget-friendly tool in this time of civic belt tightening.

One thing is absolutely certain about California Scooter Company’s CSC-150P: it will get the attention of the public and stick out in any crowd. People will be aware of the police presence, but they may laugh a little bit…  For more information click on over to: Or call 800 884-4173.

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