Live Updates From Miller Motorsports Park: World Superbike Race 2

max_biaggi_down_turn_1The World Superbike riders are just about ready for their second race of the day. Carlos Checa took the first win with ease, but against a depreciated field. Max Biaggi, Jonathan Rea, Ruben Xaus, and Michel Fabrizio all crashed during the opening race.

Checa will have a target on his back during the second race, as the World Superbike grid will try to limit Checa’s point take from Miller Motorsports Park.

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The umbrella girls are out. The photographers and journalists are on the track waiting for the World Superbike riders to take to the grid.

Racing should begin in just a few minutes.

The World Superbike riders are off on their sighting lap. The second World Superbike race from Miller will be starting soon.

The sun is out in Utah. The AMA races saw a very slight drizzle, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue for the WSBK riders.

The World Superbike riders are back on the grid.

Biaggi has something to prove today. Biaggi took both wins in 2010 but did not finish the first race this weekend. Biaggi will be coming out with the vengeance during race 2.

And they’re off!!!!

Checa jumps out to an early lead.

Checa really got a good jump. Checa has a second gap and the first lap isn’t even over.

Checa – Camier – Laverty – Melandri – Haga – Biaggi – Rea – Corser – Guintoli – Sykes

Lap 2: Checa sets the pace with a 1’48.9 lap time.

Four riders are now lapping under 1’50. Checa, Camier, Laverty, and Biaggi all put in sub 1’50 laps.

Rider down!

Troy Corser and Noriyuki Haga go down. Both riders are up and ok.

Lap 3: Checa – Camier – Laverty – Biaggi – Melandri – Guintoli – Rea – Fabrizio – Sykes – Smrz

Laverty has extended the gap to 2 seconds with another festest lap. Checa drops his time down to 1’48.82.

Checa keeps extending the gap. Camier also has a good deal of space before third place rider Laverty. Laverty, on the other hand, is fending off Biaggi for third.

Biaggi hits 194 mph down the straight, and overtakes Laverty for third place.

Biaggi has two seconds to Camier, and 6 to race leader Carlos Checa.

Lap 7: Checa – Camier – Biaggi – Laverty – Melandri – Guintoli – Fabrizio – Rea – Sykes – Smrz

Checa is holding a comfortable lead up front. Checa has four and a half seconds ahead of Camier.

Checa is still hitting the gas. Adds another half second to his lead. Max Biaggi is closing in on Leon Camier.

Lap 9: Checa – Camier – Biaggi – Laverty – Melandri

The top four riders are pretty spaced out, but Meldnari, Guintoli, Fabrizio and Rea are really fighting over fifth place.

Checa has 5.5 seconds ahead of Camier. Camier has 1.8 seconds ahead of Biaggi.

Checa, Camier, Biaggi, and Fabrizio all lapping below 1’50. Biaggi still has the fastest bike on the track, consistently hitting 194 mph on the straight.

10 laps to go. Checa has 6.2 seconds ahead of the competition.

Lap 13: Checa – Camier – Biaggi – Laverty – Fabrizio – Melandri – Guintoli – Smrz – Rea – Sykes

Lap 14: Carlos Checa still holds a 6 second lead. Biaggi can’t seem to find a way to catch Camier and still sits two seconds back.

Lap 16: The riders up front remain unchanged. Checa leads the way ahead of Camier, Biaggi, Laverty, and Fabrizio.

Rea, Badovini, and Sykes are riding wheel to wheel, with multiple passes throughout lap 17.

Lap 18: Checa extends his lead to 7 seconds. Biaggi is now three seconds behind Camier. It doesn’t look like any one is going to be challenge for the podium.

The big battle in the race is for 8th place. Smrz, Badovini, and Rea are really going at it.

Sykes overtakes Rea for the last spot in the top 10.

Lap 19: Checa – Camier – Biaggi – Laverty – Fabrizio – Melandri – Guintoli – Smrz – Badovini – Sykes

Final lap.

Checa has nearly 8 seconds over Camier.

Checa pops the wheelie down the final stretch as he crosses the finish line for his second win of the weekend.

Checa wins!

Checa cruises to his second victory and his second double of the season.

World Superbike Race 2 results:

  1. Checa
  2. Camier
  3. Biaggi
  4. Laverty
  5. Fabrizio
  6. Melandri
  7. Guintoli
  8. Smrz
  9. Badovini
  10. Sykes

Full race report to follow.

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