The Option of Using a Rental Trailer

Many times in the life of owning a motorcycle there is need to move it from one location to another without the enjoyment of riding it there. This will often call for using a pickup truck, a van or a trailer. Without access to the first two, the final option may be your only one. Owning a trailer makes this part much easier, but not everyone has the space to store one nor the regular need which would justify purchasing one. There is a simple solution for you, and the whole process is actually incredibly cheap.

First, it must be said that this is really only a solution for those who do not often need to trailer their motorcycle; if you use this option often, you will rack up some big charges which could be better put to use by actually buying a trailer or even a hitch-mounted carrier. For those people who only need such a service once or twice a year, renting a trailer from a local or national equipment rental company is a realistic and even frugal way to take care of your need.

One of the advantages of renting a trailer from one of the major companies will become obvious as soon as you start your search. Most of these companies rent fully-enclosed trailers. Having walls and a roof will surely make transporting your pride and joy a much less stressful event. And, there is less worry about theft as your small trailer will only make people think your on the move and you don’t have much – not exactly a prime target for thieves. Hitch-mount Trailer Option

Renting an enclosed trailer gives you a stable and well-maintained carrier which comes equipped with locking rear door, low loading height, extra storage room for gear, and it is designed to be pulled at legal highway speeds. It also comes equipped with decent suspension and proper lighting to keep you conspicuous.

Of course, there is the concern of its weight; however, if your tow vehicle can tow the trailer’s weight, the trailer will certainly safely hold even the largest production motorcycles on the market. Having a hitch capable of hauling a rental trailer is important – you can rent them for a reasonable price as well – so keep this in mind when deciding on this route.

The cost for all of this is amazingly somewhere between US$15 and $30 per day, depending on the size you rent, and the smallest will easily fit two standard sized motorcycles – check the rental company for accurate dimensions. And, no worries about storage with a rental, most companies allow one-way rentals between even suburban locations. If you find the right provider, you can pick it up, transport the bike, and then return it the same day when you arrive at your destination (time varies with distance).

U-Haul Rental Trailer OptionOne suggestion, which will make using this method far easier, is to purchase a portable wheel chock. This will allow for better stability for your bike. No one wants to go to this much trouble only to have their motorcycle crash into the sides of the trailer should a tie-down come loose or break. Expect to pay out between US$120 and $250 for a decent model of chock.

Do your research before renting; use the Internet or your local business directory and a telephone, then get estimates and decide which will offer you the most safety for the best price. Once you have actually gone through the entire experience once, the subsequent rentals are far easier. When you look at the financials involved – purchasing and licensing a trailer can cost up to 50 times more than simply renting a trailer for two or three days – this route can make perfect sense. Add up your own numbers and see if you could save some cash for other purposes…like a new set of tires!

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