Stefy Bau’s Program ‘211 Outreach’ Inspires Younger Demographic

Stefy Bau, founder of 211 OutreachStefy Bau, former 14 time (Italian, US and World) motocross champion, is spreading the word of how Motocross can positively shape lives with a youth-based program called 211 Outreach. Bau is teaming up with other female Motocross greats like Ashley Fiolek and Jessica Patterson to make 211 Outreach a way to inspire kids to get on two wheels.

211 Outreach began in 2008 when Stefy Bau was working as the General Manager of the FIM World Motocross Championship. On each Friday before the event, she would invite the female athletes participating in FIM to local community events, where they would interact with elementary, middle, high schools and colleges to “inspire the younger demographic using the sport of motocross.”

The program is an extension of the 211 MX School, based in Talahasee, Florida. Bau started the school with Julie Keates as a way to focus on teaching riders, especially women, how to become better athletes. (There’s also focus on lowering carbon emissions and keeping things green-friendly!)

Bau and Keates are the same pair responsible for creating the Elite Top 10 WMX group, an “exclusive group composed of the best top 10 female representatives of motocross globally,” according to a statement on their website.

211 Outreach has its next event on Thursday, May 12th in San Marcos, California at the Twin Oaks Elementary school. Students will listen to speeches by Stefy Bau and other riders (Ashley Fiolek, Jessica Patterson, Mariana Balbi, Tarah Geiger, Sara Price, Vicki Golden are mentioned on the 211 Outreach website), and then head to Pala Raceway to witness the riders they just heard and met, on the track, doing what they do best.

For more information on the program, or to get involved, contact

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