Solis Takes Two at Infineon

Benny_Solis_Supersport_FridayBenny Solis took the AMA Supersport victory today at Infineon, capping a fantastic weekend for the Honda rider. Solis beat out Tomas Puerta and Travis Ohge to take his second win of the weekend.

Solis led nearly the entire race on Saturday, but he didn’t have the same good fortune today. Tomas Puerta and David Gaviria jumped out in front of Solis early. Solis caught a break, however, when Gaviria crashed on lap 5 at turn 11. With Gaviria out, Solis and Puerta swapped spots up front for a few laps before Solis turned on the speed.

“Once I got in front I just put my head down,” said Solis. “I was able ot build a good gap by the end of the race.”

With Solis pulling away, Puerta turned on the cruise control and rode to a comfortable second place.

“I just wanted to keep it on two wheels and score some points for the championship,” Puerta said.

Travis Ohge took the final spot on the podium. Ohge, who started from the front of the grid, had a poor start and quickly dropped down to the back of the pack.

“I had the bike in neutral,” Ohge said. “I put it into gear but by turn 1 I was already in about 15th. I rode by butt off after that to make it up here to the front.”

AMA Supersport Race Results – Race 2 at Infineon

  1. Benny Solis
  2. Puerta
  3. Oghe
  4. Alexander
  5. Ferreira
  6. Luaritzen
  7. Riad
  8. Chandler
  9. Horvath
  10. Nash

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