Live Updates From Infineon: AMA Daytona Sporbikes Race 2

Jason_DiSalvo_qualifying_SaturdayJosh Herrin will be back on the grid today and is sure to give Jason DiSalvo, Jake Holden, and Danny Eslick some extra competition. Herrin was given a one race suspension after the Daytona 200 for causing a crash that wrecked Dane Westby.

DiSalvo is the favorite heading into the second race of the weekend. DiSalvo won race 1 at Infineon for the Daytona Sportbike class, and looked pretty fast during the warm-up session. DiSalvo also won the opening race of the 2011 Daytona Sportbike series and will be looking to make it three consecutive race wins in a row this afternoon.

The riders are out on the grid.

  • Row 1: Disalvo / Odom / Holden / Galster
  • Rw 2: Westby / Villa / Eslick / Jacobsen
  • Row 3: Herrin / Knapp / Beaubier / Aquino

There’s a slight drizzle on the far end of the track, but it looks like the green flag will fly soon.

The Daytona Sportbike have taken off on their warm up lap and are now sitting on the grid.

And they’re off!

Josh Herrin jumps off the line and takes the lead from DiSalvo.

Herrin holds the lead throughout lap 1.

Herrin runs wide and Holden slips into first.


Huge crash for Jake Holden. Bike does multiple flips into the air fence, but Holden looks unscathed.

Lap 3: Holden was leading throughout the third lap, but hands the lead over to Herrin.

Herrin / Eslick / DiSalvo / West

Eslick passes Herrin – Herrin passes Eslick. DiSalvo rides the tail of the top two.

Lap 6: The red flag is flown. It looks like some rain is coming down on the farside of the track.

The red flag is indeed for surface conditions. There is rain on turn 6 and 7. The AMA is red flagging the race to assess the situation. The AMA will also remove Holden’s bike from turn 6, as it is an impact area.

All corner stations are reporting dry conditions. The rae will resume shortly with 17 laps remaining.

The bikes are now off the grid as it continues to drizzle at Infineon.

Race officials have given the ok to proceed. Three minutes until the warm-up lap.

The riders are back on the trap doing a warm-up lap. They’ll proceed to the grid shortly for the race re-start.

Grid: Herrin / DiSalvo / Eslick / West

And they’re off! Again.

DiSalvo takes the lead from Herrin.

DiSalvo goes way wide and hands the lead back to Herrin. DiSalvo drops back to fourth place.

Lap 6: Herrin – Eslick – West – Beaubier – DiSalvo

Eslick ducks under Herrin to take the lead.

Beaubier blows wide on turn nine and drops back behind the leading pack.

There is less than a second between the top four riders as they lap around the Infineon track in the 1’40s.

Herrin, Eslick and DiSalvo lead the way around the Infineon track.

Lap 8: Herrin – Eslick – DiSalvo. The top three riders cross the line within .3 seconds of eachother.

DiSalvo takes the lead on Lap 9 by setting the fastest lap of the race. DiSalvo is the only rider so far to drop below 1’40.

DiSalvo stretches the lead to three bike lengths ahead of Herrin and Eslick.

Rider down. Tyler Odom falls on the track and nearly gets hit by the passing motorcycles.

Odom is up and off the track. Odom was in 7th when he went down.

DiSalvo builds his lead as Eslick and Herrin battle for second behind him.

DiSalvo has close to two seconds ahead of Eslick and Herrin.

Lap 13: DiSalvo – Eslick – Herrin – Jacobesen – Beaubier – West – Aquino

DiSalvo and Eslick are both lapping in the high 1’39s. Herrin is starting to fall behind.

DiSalvo is putting the hammer down. Sets another fastest lap with a 1’39.5 lap time.

The top three riders are sitting comfortable in their current positions. DiSalvo has a two second gap in front of Eslick. Eslick has a four second gap in front of Herrin.

Lap 16: DiSalvo – Eslick – Herrin – Jacobsen – West – Beaubier – Aquino – Westby – Knapp

Four laps to go. Eslick will have to make his move now if he wants to catch up to DiSalvo.

Herrin has dropped to more than 10 seconds behind Eslick. It should be a DiSalvo, Eslick, Herrin podium.

Herrin cut a half second off of Disalvos lead. He could catch him at the end.

Lap 20: DiSalvo – Eslick – Herrin – Jacobsen – West – Beaubier – Aquino – Westby – Knapp

One lap to go. DiSalvo has really turned it up at the end, and now has a three second lead ahead of Eslick.

DiSalvo nearly loses control on turn 9. He has just enough space to secure the victory.

DiSalvo does the double at Infineon!

AMA Daytona Sportbike Results – Infineon Race 2

  1. DiSalvo
  2. Eslick
  3. Herrin
  4. Jacobsen
  5. West
  6. Beaubier
  7. Aquino
  8. Westby
  9. Knapp
  10. Allston

Full report to follow.

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