Chilean Daredevil Jumps Motorcycle Off Cliff

motorcycle_daredevilStanding on top of a mountain in the remote Chilean Andes, Daredevil Julio Munoz prepared for his next stunt. A helicopter had already dropped off the ramp, the motorcycle, and the camera crew, and now there was just one more thing to do. Jump.

Munoz, an experienced base jumper, gained fame last year when he base jumped from a skyscraper at the Castonera Center in Santiago, Chile. But this time Munoz was adding a little extra danger to the equation by doing his jump aboard a 450cc motorcycle.

Here’s the video of Munoz doing his daredevil motorcycle jump in the Andes.
What a waste of a perfectly good motorcycle… OK, so that was pretty cool. But still, it seems a bit unnecessary to send the bike on a 13,000 foot freefall without a parachute.

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