World Supersport: Race Results From Monza

Chaz_Davies_wins_in_monzaThe Yamaha ParkinGo team claimed another World Supersport win today, as Chaz Davies took his second win of the season. Davies raced to his second consecutive race win ahead of his teammate, Luca Scassa.

Davies and Scassa have taken every race win so far. Scassa took the first two while Davies claimed race wins at the last two world supersport races. Davies and Scassa are now tied in the points with 70 each.

Behind the Yamaha duo, Fabien Foret rode a lonely race to third. Foret finished 7 seconds behind the Yamaha team and 11 seconds ahead of the fourth place finish, Broc Parkes.

World Supersport Race Results – Monza

  1. Chaz Davies
  2. Luca Scassa
  3. Fabien Foret
  4. Broc Parkes
  5. Sam Lowes
  6. Roberto Tamburini
  7. Florian Marino
  8. David Salom
  9. Massimo Roccoli
  10. Ondrej Jezek

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