Stupid Biker Patches

Patch2Stupid biker patches are displayed in amazing numbers at most motorcycle rallies. In fact, they are typically only outnumbered by tattoos and fake boobs. This got me thinking about the dumbest jacket and vest patches I’ve seen. Here is my shortlist.

Patch1Tough Guy Patches If you have to profess your toughness on a patch, you probably aren’t. If you wear a 1% patch, you are likely not an outlaw. If your patches are filled with words of intimidation, you have probably never been in a fight.

patch5Misogynistic Patches
If you berate your ex-whatever on your patch, chances are you’re not over her. If your patch says “The Bitch Fell Off”, in all likelihood you’ve never had a female passenger.

Patch6Cop-Mocking Patches
Bikers wearing patches that mock the police are taking stupidity to a new level. This is a sure way to eliminate any chance you may have had to get out of that speeding ticket.

So that’s my shortlist of dumb biker patches. If you have any others to add to the list, let us hear from you.

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