MotoGP Heading to India?

formula_1_india_gpThe MotoGP is on a constant quest to make the Motorcycle World Championship a truly global event. In 2011, the MotoGP will visit 13 countries on four continents, and soon, they could be making the trip to India.

Formula One racing will make its debut in India this October, and according to Manuel Arroyo, the managing director of Dorna Sports, the MotoGP could be heading there soon as well.

“We definitely want to come to India,” Arroyo told the Times of India. “We are in the first stage of talks and if India, which is hosting the F1 race in October, manages to fulfill the conditions,then a Moto GP in Delhi is not far off.”

The Mahindra Racing team, India’s first MotoGP team, is already bringing the sport to fans around India.

“The Indian team’s presence will go a big way in getting the knowledge of the sport to India,” Arroyo said. “The objective is to make it a worldwide event.”

The Mahindra Racing team currently only has a rider in the 125cc division, but if the sport continues to grow in India, it is likely that the team will expand its efforts.

The MotoGP has already added a new circuit to the calendar with the Texas GP starting in 2013. The MotoGP is also in talks to add races in Dubai, Brazil, and Argentina.

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Daytona 200 Winner Jason DiSalvo Looking Forward to Infineon

Jason_DiSalvo_at_Miller_Motorsports_parkIt’s been more than a month since Jason DiSalvo took home the Daytona 200 trophy from the Daytona International Speedway, but the Ducati rider has been keeping himself busy. With his own racing school and the most recent AMA Racing testing session at Miller Motorsports Park, DiSalvo is ready to continue his campaign for the 2011 championship at the Infineon Raceway.

DiSalvo won the opening round of the AMA Pro Racing season, giving Ducati its first ever Daytona 200 victory. But DiSalvo won’t have that winning momentum in his corner next weekend, as round two of the series will take place two months after the opening event.

DiSalvo will, however, have a pretty quick machine on his side for the battle in Infineon on May 14th and 15th. DiSalvo showed his speed last weekend at Miller Motorsports Park during an official testing session for the AMA riders.

“We ended up on top of the pile at the end of the two days,” DiSalvo said. “For us, it was a really productive test. We worked a lot on the front end of the Ducati, and made a lot of headway.”

DiSalvo and the Ducati team were also able to get a better feel for the Dunlop spec tires which will be used in Sonoma next weekend.

“We’re going to be back on the spec tires, the Dunlop 211 GPAs. They’re American made tires for the series, and at Miller, we really tried to get acquainted with those spec tires since we didn’t run on them in Daytona,” DiSalvo said. “We really wanted to get a good grip on the spec tires because we’ll be running on them for the rest of the series.”

During the long break, DiSalvo also launched the DiSalvo Speed Academy, giving himself another opportunity to keep his skills sharp for the upcoming race.

“I’m glad I had the school going. At least I had that, it kept me going, kept me riding,” DiSalvo said. “I got to throw my leg over the bike a couple of times and keep up with my training.”

DiSalvo and Ducati were both thrilled with their Daytona 200 victory, but Jason knows that the Daytona 200 is no more important than any of the other races on the schedule.

“Daytona is a half points event,” DiSalvo said. “We’re going to go to Infineon and there is going to be twice as many points up for grabs. I’m really looking forward to Infineon. It’s the beginning of the grind. We’ve had our big break, and now it’s time to get back to racing.”

[Photo Courtesy of Brian J. Nelson]

Dorna and Hertz Renew Partnership For One More Year

Dorna_HertzRental company Hertz and MotoGP rights holders Dorna Sports have signed a year’s extension to their existing agreement, which began in 2010 and which will see Hertz continue to provide Dorna with a range of services throughout the 2011 season of the World Championship.

After the relationship between the two companies was successfully developed throughout 2010, the organizers of MotoGP will continue to benefit from the rental of Hertz cars, as well as the services of the Hertz Equipment Rental company Hertz Energy Services (HES), which provides portable power and temperature control solutions for sports events, concerts, festivals and industries. HES will supply generators to be used in the MotoGP Paddock
and climate equipment and systems for the VIP Village.

Underlining their status as an international events service provider on a global scale, Hertz will facilitate the smooth operation of each round of the FIM World Championship through the provision of the aforementioned vital services. For Hertz, MotoGP is the perfect platform to demonstrate the range and reliability of their services and Dorna will also benefit greatly from the partnership with Hertz by being able to depend on a trusted global service provider.

Managing Director of Dorna Sports, Pau Serracanta said:

“We are very happy to be working together with Hertz for a second year. This new agreement, which originally began in 2010, is a clear result of a great working harmony between both parties. It also demonstrates that we are working with a clear vision of the future in which the alliance between Dorna and Hertz can last for many years.”

Olivier Lecoq, Vice President Marketing of Hertz Europe, added:

“We have extended this agreement with Dorna for a further year as MotoGP provides a platform which is helping us to be one of the best known brands, and the understanding between the two parties has been very positive. To be tied to a brand as strong as MotoGP, during a time in which the world’s economic situation is complicated by the financial crisis, is a guarantee and we look forward to continuing to work together for a long time.”

[Press Release Courtesy of the MotoGP]

A123 Systems Will be TTXGP Title Sponsor at Infineon

TTXGP_at_InfineonThe electric motorcycle racing season is about to begin. The TTXGP will head to the Infineon Raceway in California next week for the first round of the season.

The TTXGP will be sponsored this year by A123 Systems, a developer and manufacturer of advanced Nanophosphate™ lithium ion batteries and systems. A123 will be one of the major sponsors of the TTXGP North American Championship, and they will be the title sponsor at the Infineon event.

“A123 Systems is proud to sponsor TTXGP Infineon Round to help promote its goal of moving vehicle electrification forward by showcasing the potential of high-performance technology like A123’s lithium ion battery systems,” said Robert Johnson, vice president of the Energy Solutions Group at A123 Systems.

“Our involvement with TTXGP and our distribution agreement with Mavizen enable us to remain involved with zero-carbon motorsport and continue to provide racing teams with lithium ion battery technology that delivers excellent performance and safety in even the most demanding applications.”

The development of better batteries is one of the main factors to developing better electric motorcycles, and A123 Systems is doing a great job helping the TTXGP progress.

“Our sponsorship from a leading lithium ion battery provider like A123 is a fantastic milestone that further strengthens TTXGP’s mission to promote innovation and rapid technology development at the heart of the race series,” said TTXGP new business director, Rupal Patel.

“In addition, the distribution agreement between A123 and Mavizen, TTXGP’s principal technology advisory and consulting arm, allows us to make best-of-breed technologies accessible to TTXGP teams, which improves the quality of their performance while increasing safety.”

“We hope that A123’s engagement with TTXGP will encourage other manufacturers to become involved in zero-carbon motorsport as a proving ground and promotional platform for their technologies. TTXGP remains committed to all competition technologies and battery suppliers, but it important that we start to offer compelling, optimized and accessible choices to our teams. A123’s sponsorship is a big step in that direction, and we are very proud that A123 sees TTXGP as an opportunity to showcase technical innovation and demonstrate performance capabilities.”

The TTXGP North American Championship will consist of 7 riders this year. Lightning Motors (Michael Barnes), Lightning Motors (Mike Hannas), Moto Electra (Thad Wolff),
Brammo Racing (Steve Atlas), Protomoto Racing (Ely Schless), VOLT (Kenyon Kluge) and Mission Motors (Steve Rap) will take to the Infineon Raceway on May 14th and 15th to show the world just how fast an electric motorcycle can go.

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TT Day of Champions Gives Fans Opportunity to Meet TT Stars

guy_martin_iomttThe Isle of Man Government Department of Economic Development has confirmed that there will be a ‘Day of Champions’ in the TT Races Paddock as part of the 2011 Mountain Course Centenary celebrations.

The event will take place on Thursday 9th June between 12pm and 3pm and will feature a series of interviews with leading TT riders, as well as the VIP’s who will be on the Island for the following day’s Parades.

Highlights of the day will include 3 hours of chat shows featuring legends such as Mick Doohan, GiacomoAgostini, Steve Baker, Mick Grant and Chas Mortimer as well as modern TT stars such as John McGuinness, Michael Dunlop, Guy Martin, Ian Hutchinson, Bruce Anstey and Cameron Donald.

There will also be an auction on behalf of the TTRA (TT Riders Association). The event will be held on a purpose built stage in pit lane, in front of the TT Grandstand and will be hosted by Radio TT presenters Tim Glover and Chris Kinley.

Many of the riders will be participating in the ‘Milestones of the Mountain’ and Yamaha Classic Race Team parades the following day, while the TT riders will be featuring in the Blue RibandPokerStars Senior TT, the climax of the week’s racing.

Grandstand tickets for the day are available at £5 each and there is also the opportunity to purchase a VIP ticket, which will include tea and coffee, a buffet lunch and all day access to the VIP suite which will offer an opportunity to meet the stars who will be taking part in the Day of Champions. VIP tickets are available for £75. Both types of tickets can be purchased from official TT Races Travel Agency Regency Travel or from Duke Marketing via the official TT website from Monday 9th May.

Geoff Corkish, MBE, MHK, Political Member, Isle of Man Tourism commented:

“This will be a great day of celebration for the TT Races and I hope as many fans as possible can get down to the Grandstand and take the chance to hear the thoughts and views of these motorcycling legends.”

[Press Release Courtesy of the Isle of Man]