Helge Pedersen Joins Klim Adventure Gear Development Team

helge_pedersenHelge Pedersen, international adventure motorcycling photojournalist, grand touring icon and adventure motorcycle product pioneer has officially joined KLIM Technical Riding Gear as a key member of their Product Development Team.

Starting immediately, Pedersen will work directly with KLIM’s Product Research and Development team and manager Paul Webber to innovate, rene and perfect the next generation of technical riding gear from KLIM.

“KLIM is very happy to have partnered with Helge for the future,” Webber said. “His adventure riding legacy speaks for itself and we will take full advantage of his deep


experience on the bike in the toughest elements in the world to perfect future KLIM products.

“We hope to learn the things that can’t be detected in the lab or on a short trip. People expect the best when they buy Klim and our goal is to exceed their expectations. Our rst sample would satisfy 80% of the market in terms of quality and t but with Helge’s input we can have synergy prior to the rst sample and test concepts that could potentially change the sport.

“Just like Jonah Street proves and improves our designs in the trenches of the grueling Dakar Rally, Helge will take them to the most remote corners of the world for another ultimate test and accelerated lifespan. ”

Pedersen will be leaving immediately for a two month journey tracing Asia and the Middle East’s ancient Silk Road Trade routes aboard a 2009 BMW R1200GSA. As the latest expedition inside the GlobeRiders® library, the Silk Road should prove a worthy test held for KLIM’s next generation of Adventure gear sold in dealers in 2011 and beyond.

Silk Road Stats:

• 53 Days • 8,000 miles • Through: Turkey, Georgia, Caspian Sean, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and China.

Silk Road Ride info online: http://www.globeriders.com/tours_pages/tours_gsr13.shtml

[Press Release Courtesy of Klim]

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