Looking For A New Summer Motorcycle Jacket?

Looking for a new Summer Motorcycle Jacket / Mesh motorcycle jacket?  We have a great seller that will probably fit the bill.  Plus you can pair it with the matching mesh pants and mesh gloves to a complete summer riding suit.

The whole mesh category started when the Joe Rocket Phoenix was released.  The Phoenix Jacket was original Mesh Motorcycle Jacket.  I remember when it came out back in the late 90’s.  The jacket was simple, yet brilliant.  The basics of making a jacket out of a abrasion resistant mesh fabric for the hot summers in the US was something new for sure.  Now more than 12 years later we are on to version 5.  The Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Mesh Jacket is now one of our best selling summer jackets. ( along with the Tourmaster Intake Jacket and the New Sliders Kevlar All-Season Mesh Jacket ).

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Jacket Review /(overview):

The chassis of the Phoenix Jacket is almost entirely made from an open weave mesh fabric that allows the maximum about of air to flow through the jacket, but still has good abrasion resistance. However, on the shoulders, elbows and part of the back on the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5 Jacket you have a non-mesh fabric that is more abrasion resistant than the mesh to increase the safely. On of the huge benefits of the mesh on the Phoenix 5 Jackets is the sun is not directly on your skin.  So you feel like you are sitting in the shade with a nice breeze.  You actually feel cooler when riding with a Joe Rocket Phoenix 5 Jacket on, than if you did not have on any jacket at all.   If you are looking for a great summer outfit, then consider the Joe Rocket Phoenix 3 Pants and the Joe Rocket Phoenix 4 Gloves.

Tourmaster Intake Jacket Review /(overview):

Just like the Joe Rocket Phoenix, the Tourmaster intake jacket is a mesh jacket that is meant for summer or at least ( spring to fall ) riding.  The main difference in the Tourmaster Intake jacket is the dual stage aqua-therm liner.  The Tourmaster intake jacket liner is a 2 part liner.  The 1st part of the intake jacket liner is a waterproof breathable liner with the 2nd part being a thermal liner.  However the design of the liner is pretty slick..  In the Intake Jacket you can use either one of the liners by itself in the Tourmaster intake mesh jacket (or) you can use both (or) you can use no liner.  If you are looking to pair you mesh motorcycle jacket with matching mesh motorcycle pants, you should check out the Tourmaster Venture Air Pants and the Tourmaster Intake Gloves.

Either way you go, you will be happy with the quality and comfort a Mesh Motorcycle Jacket can provide on Hot Days.

0 thoughts on “Looking For A New Summer Motorcycle Jacket?

  1. I have the Tourmaster Intake Jacket and I love it! I carry both liners in my rack back and with just the jacket its been fantastic up to 80 degrees.
    When it gets really cold I wear my Transition 2.
    Thanks Tourmaster!


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