What Does Your Helmet Type Say About You?

HelmetRetroThe kind of helmet on a motorcyclist’s head says a lot about the workings of the brain it’s protecting. That helmet may, in fact, be the biggest single identifying feature of a rider’s true motorized character. So let’s get all “Dr. Phil” and see what your helmet says about you.

  • The Solid-Color Full-Face Helmet
    You are a safety-conscious and fully committed rider.  If your helmet sports certain prominent labeling (think an Arai oval), you may be even more safety-conscious and even a hint elitist. You would not be caught dead (no pun intended) in a compromise helmet. You replace your furnace filters and your helmets at precise intervals.
  • The Circus-Hued Race-Replica Helmet
    You are an enthusiastic street-pilot who chugs afternoon Red Bulls. Like your helmet, you may be just a bit trendy. Even though you always wear your helmet when riding, you may also occasionally ride in shorts and flip-flops. You have matching scars on your left thigh and your left side panel.
  • The Solid-Color Open-Faced Helmet
    You probably have a communication device attached, and a significant other seated behind you. You ride a motorcycle that has a gross vehicle weight rating similar to an SUV (but you have more trunk room). You bought an Indian Scout (new) in 1939, and rode it in the snow to school – uphill both ways.
  • The Retro-Themed Open-Face Helmet
    We are talking along the lines of a metal-flaked Captain America lid here. You are a rider with a style that says, “I snap my fingers at the coffee house after a great acoustic set.” Your bike is probably painted in flat black, and you live in a fashionable, overpriced flat with eclectic vinyl furniture. No one could see your soul patch if you wore a full-face.
  • The Flip-Up Helmet
    You are a political moderate. Both the right and left-wing make you nervous. You almost committed to a solid full-face, but the appeal of an open face made you settle in that convenient middle-ground. Both your helmet and your sofa are modular.

You may be wondering what kind of helmet the author of this cerebral psycho-analysis wears. Me? I have a shelf full of helmets. I am a bit of a schizophrenic.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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