Illegal Substances Found on Paul Bird Motorsports Race Transporter

Paul_Bird_MotorsportsThe Paul Bird Motorsports team has confirmed that a “quantity of banned substances” have been found on a race transporter while it was going through customs as the team returned to the UK from Assen.

The Paul Bird Motorsports Team says that the discovery came as a shock, and that no team members are suspected in the incident. The team says that it will step up security as they continue to travel throughout Europe.

Here is the statement released by the Paul Bird Motorsport Team:

Following media speculation, Paul Bird Motorsport can confirm that a quantity of banned substances had been deposited in a race transporter while the vehicle was in Holland attending the recent Assen World Superbike event.

The substances, along with a number of other illegal items, were discovered upon the vehicle’s return to the UK at the port of Dover during a routine examination by HM Customs.

Naturally, the discovery came as a shock to the whole team, including those who were present during the search. The team are confident that no team member has any connection whatsoever with the items discovered. No one has been detained after the time of the search and all team members are able to undertake their normal duties.

There is no suggestion of the Paul Bird Motorsport Team being involved in illegal activities and no other team members have been interviewed following the incident. The team staff present at the time of the search and discovery enjoy the full support and confidence of the team and all involved are determined to offer their full cooperation to HM Customs in their ongoing investigations.

Understandably, the team are now taking stringent measures to increase the security of their vehicles as they travel throughout Europe in future. Despite the personal effect on the team, Paul Bird Motorsport will be attending the next World Superbike event at Monza, Italy at full strength and with a determination to focus on the Championship.

No word yet on what the illegal substance was that was found on the truck. Two Wheels Blog reports that a gun was also found along with the drugs. More details will be added as this story develops.

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Get Your Avon Tire Rebate

Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America is proud to announce a new consumer rebate program on Avon Cobra and Venom tires. Beginning April 1 through May 15, simply purchase a qualifying Avon tire and receive a $25 rebate per tire on up to two tires.

The program is simple. Purchase Avon Cobra Tires or Avon Venom Tires during the promotional period April 1 through May 15 and submit your invoice with a rebate form directly to Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America. The invoice must show that the purchase was made in a single transaction within the specified date range to be eligible. Avon will then issue a rebate in the form of an Avon Tyres MasterCard® Gift Card for $25 for one tire or $50 for two tires depending upon the original purchase. The MasterCard® Gift Card can be used virtually anywhere MasterCard® debit cards are accepted. Please allow four to six weeks for processing.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Riding: Speeding

motorcycle_speedingOk, going fast is fun. It’s really fun. It’s what sport bikes were designed to do. But before you pull back the throttle and kiss traffic goodbye, here are a few things that you should know about speeding.

  • More than a third of fatal crashes involve motorcycles that were speeding.
  • The average speeding ticket in the United States will cost you $150.
  • One speeding ticket can raise your insurance by as much as 25%.
  • On average, more than 100,000 speeding tickets are given out every day.

Luckily, there’s a place that you can go where you won’t be bothered by cops. The track. If you’ve got a need for speed, find an appropriate venue. Going to the track will not only improve your skill, but it will allow you to ride without a nagging worry about flashing lights.

The road can be a dangerous place. Not only will you run into cops, but debris, bad drivers, pedestrians, and other hazards will keep you from getting your bike to its top speed safely. If you really want to push yourself. If you really want to go fast. There is only one place to do it. The track.

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What Does Your Helmet Type Say About You?

HelmetRetroThe kind of helmet on a motorcyclist’s head says a lot about the workings of the brain it’s protecting. That helmet may, in fact, be the biggest single identifying feature of a rider’s true motorized character. So let’s get all “Dr. Phil” and see what your helmet says about you.

  • The Solid-Color Full-Face Helmet
    You are a safety-conscious and fully committed rider.  If your helmet sports certain prominent labeling (think an Arai oval), you may be even more safety-conscious and even a hint elitist. You would not be caught dead (no pun intended) in a compromise helmet. You replace your furnace filters and your helmets at precise intervals.
  • The Circus-Hued Race-Replica Helmet
    You are an enthusiastic street-pilot who chugs afternoon Red Bulls. Like your helmet, you may be just a bit trendy. Even though you always wear your helmet when riding, you may also occasionally ride in shorts and flip-flops. You have matching scars on your left thigh and your left side panel.
  • The Solid-Color Open-Faced Helmet
    You probably have a communication device attached, and a significant other seated behind you. You ride a motorcycle that has a gross vehicle weight rating similar to an SUV (but you have more trunk room). You bought an Indian Scout (new) in 1939, and rode it in the snow to school – uphill both ways.
  • The Retro-Themed Open-Face Helmet
    We are talking along the lines of a metal-flaked Captain America lid here. You are a rider with a style that says, “I snap my fingers at the coffee house after a great acoustic set.” Your bike is probably painted in flat black, and you live in a fashionable, overpriced flat with eclectic vinyl furniture. No one could see your soul patch if you wore a full-face.
  • The Flip-Up Helmet
    You are a political moderate. Both the right and left-wing make you nervous. You almost committed to a solid full-face, but the appeal of an open face made you settle in that convenient middle-ground. Both your helmet and your sofa are modular.

You may be wondering what kind of helmet the author of this cerebral psycho-analysis wears. Me? I have a shelf full of helmets. I am a bit of a schizophrenic.

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