Steve Rapp Takes XR1200 Win at Miller

danny_eslick_xr1200Steve Rapp took his first win of the 2011 XR1200 season today at Miller Motorsports Park. Rapp beat out Danny Eslick and Chris Filmore for the race win.

Michael Barnes led for the majority of the race, but a determined Rapp took control with four laps remaining. Rapp was able to hold onto the lead, despite the best efforts of Danny Eslick and Chris Filmore.

Rapp’s win is his first victory of the season. Rapp also has a fourth and a third place finish and now moves into second place in the series behind Chris Filmore.

Kyle Wyman holds onto the third place spot in the overall standings, but he hasn’t been able to find the magic touch since his win at Daytona. Wyman finished in 8th place today behind Chase McFarland and Tyler O’Hara.

XR1200 Race Results

  1. Steve Rapp
  2. Danny Eslick
  3. Chris Filmore
  4. Michael Barnes
  5. Tyler OHara
  6. Chase McFarland
  7. Kyle Wyman
  8. Joe Kopp
  9. Michael Corbino

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Carlos Checa Does the Double at MMP

carlos_checaCarlos Checa cruised to his second victory today at Miller Motorsports Park ahead of Leon Camier and Max Biaggi. This is Checa’s second double at Miller Motorsports Park and his second double of the 2011 World Superbike season.

“I really like this place,” Checa said after the race. “I was able to interpret the track very well. The bike is also working very well this year.”

After the Miller weekend, Checa now leads the World Superbike series by 61 points. But the veteran racer knows that there are still a lot of points to be had in 2011.

“We need to focus now more than ever,” Checa said. “These win can make you relax but relaxing will not be good for us. It can be very difficult to get points so we are happy for days like today.”

Checa, who started from the pole position, jumped off to an early lead and was able to put a full second between himself and his competitors by the end of lap 1. Checa would continue to grow his lead throughout the race, and was never really in danger of losing the number one spot.

Leon Camier would come across the line next, before Max Biaggi, who crashed out of the first race, took the final spot on the podium.

“These races were hard, especially after you crash in race 1,” Biaggi said. “I couldn’t go faster than third place, but I am happy for that. Tomorrow is another day. We need to start winning. I think that we have the potential to win, for sure. But I don’t want to take anything away from Carlos. He did a great job here, and he deserves it.”

World Superbike Race Results – Race 2 at MMP

  1. Checa
  2. Camier
  3. Biaggi
  4. Laverty
  5. Fabrizio
  6. Melandri
  7. Guintoli
  8. Smrz
  9. Badovini
  10. Sykes

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Blake Young Wins at MMP

Blake_Young_2Blake Young and Josh Hayes put on a fantastic show during the AMA Superbike race at Miller Motorsports Park. Hayes and Hayden swapped spots more than 10 times throughout a thrilling race in Utah, but in the end, it was Young who took home the win.

“From the beginning of the race I just tried to find a comfortable pace and hit my marks,” Young said. “Hayes was running a little faster than I was comfortable with, so I kept chasing him and then tried to settle back down into my pace. Then I decided to just put my head down and push all the way through. I wanted to leave it all on the track.

Young would end up winning by .7 seconds, but that doesn’t show how close the race actually was. Hayes was awarded a point at the end of the race, but he would have preferred the race win.

“It was just good racing,” Hayes said. “Neither one of us wanted to give up. On the last lap, he was definitely running well… the back kicked out on me and all of sudden I went from trying to figure out how to win the race, to trying to keep Tommy behind me.”

At the end of the race, both riders complimented each other on being aggressive, but safe, throughout the race.

“I feel very comfortable riding with these guys,” said Young. “They’re both racing veterans and they know what they’re doing out there.”

Tommy Hayden nearly took the second place spot from Hayes on the final lap. Hayes would finish .05 seconds behind the 2010 champion.

Hayes, Hayden, and Young, have taken every race win so far this season. The three top riders will go at it again in just four days when the AMA Superbike riders head to Elkhart, Wisconsin, for the Road America event.

AMA Superbike Race Results

  1. Young
  2. Hayes
  3. Hayden
  4. R. Hayden
  5. Rapp
  6. Clark
  7. May
  8. Bostrom
  9. Anthony
  10. Toye

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Mac Patrick Riding Out The Recession

Mexico On A Motorcycle: Riding Out the RecessionThe Great Recession hit many people head-on and took from some what had taken many years to achieve. Some lost their homes, some lost their livelihood, but others actually found some inspiration in the tough times which faced them. That is exactly what Mac Patrick found when business at his day job began to dwindle towards nothing – the desire to go after something he had been putting off for many years.

Mac Patrick, though, is not the author’s real name – it is the nom de plume of a resident of the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. who has decided to keep his identity secret to all but his publisher and his already large group of supporters and friends. He stated that, “I simply don’t want my Scottish name, which is unique, all over the Internet.” It makes sense in these days of lackluster privacy safeguards, but it would still be nice to meet the riding author.

Mr. Patrick’s occupation as a shipwright repairing yachts was experiencing a bit of a slow down in 2009, and the skies were beginning to darken as that year’s winter was approaching. Taking some time off to pursue a life-long dream seemed like a good idea, in fact he figured, “now or never!” Fortunately, Patrick was already aware that he had this one chance, so much of 2009 was spent getting both his bike and himself for the grueling ride ahead. This sort of ‘vacation’ may actually be common for this one.

His first steps involved taking motorcycle safety classes, researching the journeys of other like-minded riders and attending some of their presentations. After this, Patrick spent time mapping out his route and preparing his BMW R1200GS; outfitting, tuning and polishing it from stem to stern. Next, it was time to work on Mexican visas, and his sisters followed news reports and State Department notices about the nation involving the terrible drug cartel chaos so that he could avoid it as much as possible.

On a clear November morning, just after Thanksgiving 2009, Patrick set out on his journey; first, it was off to the ‘Sun Belt’ in the southern U.S. He wandered throughout the region – including stops in Arizona and a complete trip around Florida’s lengthy shoreline – and finally made it into Mexico by Christmastime. During the entire trip, Patrick’s camera was excitedly clicking off shots of everything from festivals and parades to people and monuments. In the end, he covered 17,358 miles over the four months he was on the solo road.

Though he truly was ‘one man and a bike’, he kept in touch with people back home via e-mail and a GPS tracker which displayed trip progress on the Internet. Alone was the way to go for Patrick; he could set his own schedule and did not have to worry about someone else getting hurt, sick or lost. Plus, the fact that he was out there by himself gave him time to really explore both the places he visited and the vast regions inside his own internal landscape.

This led to the writing, compilation and printing of Mexico On A Motorcycle: Riding Out The Recession, published by A.V. Harrison Publishing. The book is available in both e-book and printed formats and contains 100 gallery-quality photographs and over 10,000 words which reveal both Patrick’s outer and inner journey – a vivid ride through the human condition from a man trying to get away from the economic chaos which Wall Street wreaked upon the world.

Did Patrick succeed in his quest? To be fair, you must read his book in order to get your answer, but it can be said that looking through his eyes on this ride may let you escape your own encounter with the Great Recession.

Mexico On A Motorcycle: Riding Out The Recession by Mac Patrick, whomever he may really be, is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble stores nationwide.

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California Scooter Company to Supply CSC-150P Police Motorcycle

The CSC-150P is a new, small motorcycle which was recently announced for police use by California Scooter Company (CSC), the manufacturer already known for bringing back the old-school, Mustang-style motorcycle. This news may cause some readers to be a little confused at first glance because, while they call them scooters, the bikes do require using a clutch and shifting gears. What’s more, the California Scooter Company marketing team calls the CSC-150P a ‘small motorcycle’ in their literature…ah, semantics…

What California Scooter does do is produce a line of fun, extremely durable and perfectly useful motorcycles, of which the CSC-150P is now a part – at least for law enforcement. The small scale and nostalgic American look invites crowds wherever CSC machines go. And, these scooters are made in America, though some parts are sourced elsewhere; all the same, purchasing from CSC does help keep a few more jobs around for us.


Why build the CSC-150P?

California Scooter Company AdvertThe demands on a vehicle which is primarily to be used in a crowded urban environment are strengths for the California Scooter product; the CSC-150P and its cousins are highly maneuverable, lightweight, and only use a gallon of fuel for every 90 (or more) miles they travel. Patrols in large, densely populated, inner-city areas or crowded tourist traps are the perfect stomping grounds for this small motorcycle.

California Scooter designs the CSC-150P to have a short wheelbase, relatively small-diameter wheels, and electric starting, but keeps a neutral seat height so that visibility is maintained. It can literally run circles around the already surprisingly nimble police motorcycles patrolling the streets around all of us now; the CSC-150P has a much smaller overall footprint than any model.

What makes up the CSC-150P?

Off the California Scooter Company production lines, the CSC-150P is painted in the almost ubiquitous two-tone black and white with appropriate areas left available for department-specific stickers and graphics. Other color combinations are available by special order, of course. As the law enforcement purpose is certain, standard equipment includes a special calibrated speedometer, windshield, storage rack, saddlebags, siren, enhanced engine guards, and – you guessed it – police lighting!

Why would law enforcement choose the CSC-150P?

California Scooter Company products are based on bikes like this '64 MustangThe CSC-150P will be an inexpensive option for certain special police duties; according to California Scooter Company, the small motorcycle is exceptionally less maintenance-intensive than any currently popular police bike and, along with its fuel-sipping nature, has a ready and inexpensive parts supply and a very low price of entry. Without doubt, the CSC-150P is a perfect budget-friendly tool in this time of civic belt tightening.

One thing is absolutely certain about California Scooter Company’s CSC-150P: it will get the attention of the public and stick out in any crowd. People will be aware of the police presence, but they may laugh a little bit…  For more information click on over to: Or call 800 884-4173.

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