Riding in the Rain – Gear you Should Think About

You may try to avoid it, but the more you ride and the more multi-day motorcycle trips you take, the more chances there are (depending on your environment) that you will get caught riding in the rain. Riding in the rain does not have to be an uncomfortable, miserable experience if you are prepared and have the right rain gear. Granted, there are many riders out there who are anti-gear or prefer not to spend the money on gear, especially on rain gear, but with the right gear you can focus more on riding and being comfortable and confident, rather than on the weather. Below are some ideas for motorcycle rain gear.

Motorcycle Rain Boots

When it rains you want to keep your feet as dry as possible with waterproof boots (that are still breathable) that cover your ankles to avoid water seeping in. Depending on your riding conditions and environment, you may want to consider spending money on a pair that is also insulated. If you do not want to invest in a pair of waterproof boots there is always the option of rain boot covers. These overboots are made out of a waterproof material and slip on easily over your shoes and usually come with a  elasticized top cuff to seal out moisture.

One- Piece Rain Suits

One of the best ways to protect yourself while riding in the rain is to purchase a one-piece rain suit. The obvious advantage of the one-piece rain suit is that there is no open waist area where water can enter. You are guaranteed to get full coverage. Also, what we like about the one-piece suits is they tend to be more compact than a two-piece suit, and this is a huge space-saving advantage. Another advantage of a one-piece suit is if you buy the correct size, a one-piece suit is less bulky than a two-piece suit.

Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

You typically have three choices when it comes to protecting your hands against the harsh weather when riding. You have the option of getting waterproof gloves, which usually have a plastic like covering to keep the water out, or you can choose a pair of regular, winter riding gloves, as long as they are waterproof. Most winter riding gloves tend to keep your hands very warm and are a better glove for all-around use. There is also the option of rubber rain suit overgloves, these are made from a seamless, natural rubber construction that are 100% rain and waterproof and sized to fit over gloves.

Overall, once you get the appropriate rain gear, you will become more confident and comfortable while riding in the rain. However, remember to always watch out for critical rain hazards!

We want to hear your rain gear suggestions or tips on riding in the rain. Please drop us a comment below!

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