For Motorcyclists, Every Day is Earth Day

motorcycle_curveLooking for a way to celebrate Earth Day? Celebrate your motorcycle. Motorcycles, compared to their four wheel counterparts, do a lot of good for the environment. And with the surging popularity of electric motorcycles, the two wheel industry is reducing its carbon footprint even more.

“Regardless of how you use your motorcycle or scooter, commuting to work, riding down the block, across town, traveling across the country, your choice to ride instead of drive has a positive impact on the environment and results in a more enjoyable, less-congested experience for you as well as your fellow road users,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. “For motorcyclists, every day is Earth Day.”

Here are some of the environmental benefits of riding a motorcycle:

  • Better gas mileage. It isn’t common for a motorcycle to get more than 50 miles per gallon, and scooters can get twice that.
  • Less oil. Motorcycles also take less oil to operate.
  • Less traffic. Motorcycles are smaller and take up less space on the road. The AMA says that motorcycles reduce congestion, which makes highway traffic more efficient.
  • Less material. It takes less raw material to build a motorcycle than it does to build a car.
  • Easier to transport. From the factory to the showroom floor, companies don’t need to use as much gas to transport motorcycles from one place to another.

“When you add it all up, there is no question: If everyone rode motorcycles, the planet would be a greener place,” Dingman said. “And just as important, more of us would experience the thrill and freedom that motorcycles provide. Riding is not just easy on your bank account and the planet, riding is a fun, and often a social activity that simply makes life more enjoyable.”

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