Polaris Industries to Maintain Production in Wisconsin

polaris-logoPolaris has just announced that it will be keeping some of its engine manufacturing operations in Osceola, Wisconsin. After unexpected growth during 2010, it was rumored that Polaris may move into bigger facilities away from its Wisconsin home. Scott Wine, the CEO of Polaris, said yesterday that the team in Osceola is one of the reasons for the growth Polaris has experienced, and keeping production in Wisconsin was an obvious decision.

“Since we announced the strategic realignment last year, our volumes are up significantly in each of our businesses and our U.S. plants are full from a physical footprint standpoint,” said Scott Wine, CEO, Polaris Industries Inc.  “While we have outperformed our original volume projections, the Osceola team has executed flawlessly and continues to produce world-class, quality products.  In order to meet escalating demand while maintaining our focus on quality, keeping some engine capability and output in Osceola was an obvious choice.”

With the Osceola plant open, Polaris will have dual-plant production capabilities allowing Polaris to easily produce off-road, on-road, and snowmobile engines. Polaris says that the Osceola factory will help Polaris to maintain this production plan for the foreseeable future. Polaris also just announced the acquisition of Indian Motorcycle, which will likely up the workload in places like Osceola.

There are currently about 50 people working at the facility in Osceola, Wisconsin, and Polaris worked closely with the Department of Commerce to make sure that those people were able to keep their jobs. Osceola is just a small part of the Polaris empire, which employs more than 3,300 people worldwide.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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