No Substitute for Motegi if Japan GP is Cancelled

motegi_gpThe MotoGP will travel to 18 venues throughout the 2011 MotoGP season, but if the event in Motegi is cancelled, that number will be shortened by one. Dorna Sports says that there is no replacement for the MotoGP is the event happens to get cancelled.

The Motegi event was scheduled to take place this weekend in Japan, was postponed due to the devastating earthquake that rocked Japan. The Motegi event is now scheduled for October, but there are some fears that the circuit will still not be ready to host a MotoGP event at that time.

If the Motegi event is cancelled it will not be replaced by another venue on the 2011 calendar.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, said that he is leaving the decision up to the Motegi organizers.

“We wait for the decisions of the local promoters,” said Ezpeleta. “But in any case, should they decide to give up the race for this year, there would be no substitution.

“A national championship race is scheduled there in July, which means that at that time the venue should be usable. By then we should be certain on what we’ll do.

“I have full confidence in the Japanese and if they tell us the race can go ahead, then we’ll be 1,000% sure we’ll be safe. If the situation isn’t clear, I’m certain they’ll be the first at evaluating the situation appropriately.”

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