Indianapolis Motor Speedway to Be Repaved Before MotoGP Event

indianapolis_motorspeedwayThe MotoGP will be heading to the states in August for an event at Indy, but before the riders take to the track the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be partially repaved.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway will begin the project, which will pave a 1.5 mile section of the infield, on June 6th. The project will repave the circuit from Turn 5 through Turn 16. It will be the first time that this section of the circuit has been repaved since its construction in 2000. Turns 1 through 4 were repaved in 2008 before the inaugural MotoGP event at Indy.

“This project is an example of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway providing competitors the finest racing facilities in the world,” said Mel Harder, IMS senior vice president. “We had a very long, hard winter this year, which exacerbated the bumps and cracks in this aging section of the track.

“We also decided to undertake this project this year due to feedback from riders during the Red Bull Indianapolis GP last year. The new surface will produce even closer, more exciting racing for the world’s best riders and our loyal fans this August.”

According to a press release, the pavement will be consistent with other sections of the course. The Speedway plans to have project completed by the end of June, well before the MotoGP arrives.

“I’m happy to hear the infield section is being repaved at Indy,” said 2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden. “It’s already a great track, and I’m sure this will make a smoother, more consistent racetrack for everybody.

“It also shows how the people at IMS pay attention to every detail. That’s probably why they’ve been around over a hundred years. I’ve always loved it there, as it’s my home track. I can’t wait to get back to Indy and race in August.”

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