BMW’s New Adaptive Headlight

BMw_LightWe were the very first out of the gate of the U.S Journalists to test the BMW Adaptive Headlight Technology.

It was 9.30 on Wednesday the 29th of April 2011 when the first US journalists rolled out of Barnsley Gardens in Georgia to test the new Adaptive Headlight Technology on the new BMW K1600 GT and GTL.

Have you ever gone barreling into a corner at night to suddenly find the edge of the road disappears? Have you ever found yourself looking into darkness to try and figure out where the exit to the corner is? Well not anymore if you ride the new BMW K1600GT and GTL.

BMW’s Adaptive Headlight Technology allows the xenon headlight to adjust its range to fit the road conditions, and compensate for lean angle and brake dive or acceleration rise on the fly as you ride. It works so well that it’s like having a rally car cluster of super high wattage lights strapped on the front of the motorcycle.

I personally did a very quick 12 minute ride from the press launch venue to see first-hand how they would work. I had to be first out of the gate so that I had nothing in my way.

Over the course of my ride on the new BMW K1600GT, I discovered that its Adaptive Headlight Technology inspires confidence and allows clarity like no other motorcycle headlight I have ever ridden with before.

You can see exactly where you are going, and on low beam you can actually see the light moving to fill the black void that would normally hamper night time riding.

Sensors constantly monitor the bikes angle of lean and electronics control a mirror that swivels re-angling the headlight beam to compensate for this angle and light the way around the corner.

Believe me when I tell you it’s another first for BMW and there will be loads more great things to say about this new Luxury Tourer.

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