MSF Says Recent Safety Report Good but Not Good Enough

MSFYesterday, the Governors Highway Safety Association released a report that showed motorcycle fatalities were down for the second year in a row. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, MSF, was happy to see the new statistics, but says that there is still a lot to be done to improve motorcycle safety.

“This is certainly welcome news but more gains in motorcycle safety are possible,” said Tim Buche, MSF president and chief executive officer.

The MSF reports that more than 50% of riders have never taken a safety course. The MSF wants to change this, and is working to make sure that there are more well informed riders on the road

“Industry surveys find that fewer than fifty percent of the riders on the road have taken formal rider education,” Buche continued. “We continue to strongly urge governors and all policymakers to implement improved, expanded rider training programs for new, experienced and returning riders.

“We can go much further with motorcycle safety through effective countermeasures that are readily available. Legislators can raise the bar for what we accept as basic motorcycle skills and knowledge and increase focus on informed rider choices.

“Motorcyclists can choose to make better decisions about their riding habits and what they wear, starting with a good helmet made to Department of Transportation standards. Car and truck drivers can look for motorcyclists and focus on driving without any distractions from a variety of things, starting with their cell phones and mobile devices.”

The MSF has numerous resources on their website to help riders be safer on the road, and they just released a new comprehensive training program, which promises to improve a rider’s skills,  judgment, risk management and situational awareness.

The MSF has also just partnered with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute for the MSF 100 Motorcyclists Naturalistic Study. The study will track 100 riders over the course of several months to better understand the causes of motorcycle accidents.

You can read more about the MSF here.

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