Vemar Jiano EVO TC Bluetooth Helmets

Vemar Bluetooth Helmets are the latest addition to the Vemar family. With bluetooth technology flourishing, Vemar Bluetooth is a market leader in helmet sales. The Vemar Jiano Bluetooth Helmet is one of the most popular models. Pairing Vemar’s helmet expertise with the convenience of bluetooth capability is a win-win for riders all over the world. The Vemar Jiano Helmet pairs technology with style to give you a modular helmet that protects even better than it looks, which is really saying something. The Jiano EVO TC is the updated version of the Vemar Jiano, a sturdy flip-up helmet. The “EVO” refers to the evolution of the helmet and the “TC” refers to the “tri-composite” shell used in this helmet. This latest version of the Vemar Jiano EVO TC has the most recent “Vemar Helmet look”, which gives it a unique style. Flip-up helmets are rather tame when it comes to looks, but the Jiano EVO TC Bluetooth looks stylish and purposeful all at once. It has also retained the additional feature described and illustrated in the EICMA 2010 report. There is a LED light array built into the cheek pad that is a handy feature, especially for touring riders, because a quick press of the button provides enough light to read a map, make a phone call or search through the panniers to find that missing Zero bar. The Vemar Jiano EVO TC Bluetooth Helmet has a large top vent assembly and chin bar vent, both of which allow good ventilation. The rotating visor is solid and has a strong detent to hold it open. The Vemar Jiano has a specially designed shield lock mechanism, which is top-notch for safety and convenience. The shield lock latches with metal pins and hooks, which lessens the chance of it opening in the event of an accident. It has an easy to use unlock button, which is accessible even while wearing gloves. Jiano EVO TC features both an exterior and interior shield: the outer is an anti-fog and non-scratch clear quick-release, and the interior is dark tinted for sun protection, and can be used even when the chin bar is up. They can be used together or separately, giving the wearer different options for visibility.

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