TTXGP to Run During Loudon Classic

loudon_classicThe Loudon Classic is America’s oldest motorcycle race. The prestegious race will be celebrating its 88th year this year, and to do so, they’ll be inviting America’s youngest racing championship, the TTXGP, to participate. The TTXGP will run during the 88th Loudon Classic this year at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway on June 18th.

“We are very excited at the prospect of TTXGP bikes and riders running during America’s longest running motorcycle event,” said Azhar Hussain, CEO and Founder of the TTXGP. “The 88th Loudon classic weekend will see the arrival of the next generation of technology and just as motorsport of the past has helped shape the way we get around today, we believe this is the beginning to shape how we get around tomorrow.”

The TTXGP will showcase the best in electric motorcycle technology. The TTXGP has slowly been gaining popularity, and this year it was sanctioned as an official series by the FIM.

“We are also pleased to bring TTXGP series to the Northeast, an area of tremendous global significance to the EV community given the depth of technical expertise concentrated here,” Hussain continued. “We are engaging with venture capitalist, technical institutions, and manufacturers to ensure that we keep to our mission to extend the TTXGP catalyst beyond the race track.”

There will be three TTXGP regional championships that will culminate in a world championship finale. The TTXGP will run in North America, Australia, and Europe this year.

The first round of the North America TTXGP will take place at the Infineon Speedway in California on May 15th.

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