FIM Talks to WSBK About Anti-Doping

FIM_LogoFollowing the Assen round of the World Superbike series, FIM officials met with Supersport, Superstock, and Superbike riders to talk about anti-doping. The FIM took the time to talk with the MotoGP riders after the Jerez round, and had another successful session with the World Superbike riders last weekend.

Dr. David McManus, the FIM International Medical Commission Director, and Evelyne Magnin, the FIM Medical & Anti-Doping Coordinator, were on hand to talk with the World Superbike riders in Assen about doping policies.

“This is another important opportunity to meet with the riders at the highest level of our sport because we are aware that there is concern, anxiety and uncertainty about aspects of anti-doping,” said McManus. “It is an opportunity for us to clarify a lot of the issues, provide explanations and reassurance about what is the FIM anti-doping programme.”

The FIM has to comply with the WADA World Anti-Doping Code, and felt it was neccessary to explain the policies to riders, and to allow them to ask questions. The FIM says that it is important to have frequent contact with the riders so that everyone is comfortable, informed, and safe.

The FIM gave a presentation to the World Superbike riders, and afterward, the floor was open to questions and comments.

Here is what the World Superbike riders had to say about the program.


Marco Melandri (ITA): “I am very happy with this first meeting on anti-doping as I think that there is not so much knowledge among riders and that we are not very competent in this field. Also I think that it is more important for us to know better the motorbike than to take prohibited substances to be faster. This meeting was a good start. It is very important to continue to fight together for a clean sport.”

Leon Camier (GBR): “I think this is really a good idea that anti-doping was brought in by the FIM. Today’s talk was a good chance to learn more about it and how not to make any mistakes.”

Carlos Checa (SPA): “I think that it is good information to be able to enter the world of anti-doping and to show that our sport is a clean sport. I sincerely believe that no substances can make you go faster but it is only the technical aspects such as your ability, your learning, the team, the motorbike which all together can make you go faster. I think that for the young riders who ignore the fact that substances can harm their health, this kind of information meeting is very interesting and useful.”

Ruben Xaus (SPA): “There are many products on the market and we have no information. I think that this sport is a combination of men’s work, engines, machines and we have not used any of the products to make us better because the technical aspects, the development of the motorbike are really what make the difference. It is important to know this as the young riders with internet access can be misinformed and could buy inappropriate products. The young riders can trust us, the old ones, who made it without anything. Eating well, keeping healthy and exercise are necessary to succeed in sports.”

Superstock 1000cc

Davide Giugliano (ITA): “I think that anti-doping is a correct issue and that riders are firstly athletes who have to find a correct life without all these various doping substances in order to preserve their health.”

Fabio Massei (ITA): “After this briefing, I think that we consider more that our sport has to be a clean sport and that we should take it seriously without taking doping substances. We are athletes and clean boys. We hope that our sport is a sport without doping.”

Luca Verdini (ITA): “In my opinion, anti-doping is a very correct issue as every day, we can see so many athletes that have to stop or are disqualified for doping reasons. This is why I think it is right to introduce an anti-doping programme in motorcycling.”


Sam Lowes (GBR): “It has been really good to have this briefing and to understand a bit more background into what is going on. It has been a big help for me and I have the booklet now and I know the right people to talk to.”

Fabien Foret (FRA): “I think that this anti-doping briefing and this system for the future is rather good for our sport in order to prove that we are clean athletes, not taking any prohibited substances. I think we should show that our sport is really a sport where we don’t need prohibited substances.”

[Press Release Courtesy of FIM]

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