FIM Praised for Carbon Offsetting Measures

FIM_LogoMyClimate, the Climate Protection Partnership, has given the FIM a certificate for reducing the amount of CO2 emissions generated during the Swiss round of the SPEA FIM X-Trial Championship.

The FIM adopted a strong sustainability policy at the Swiss event, which included the promotion of public transportation, the use of local food and drink providers, and encouraged recycling during the event. These measures helped to offset the carbon emissions during the FIM race.

MyClimate, a Swiss foundation which encourages voluntary carbon offsetting, worked with the FIM to offset their carbon emissions as much as possible during the Swiss event of the SPEA FIM X-Trial Championship. The FIM and MyClimate found that the biggest impact on the environment actually came from spectators heading to the event. This led to the FIM’s campaign to promote public transportation.

FIM’s eco-performance during this event will help MyClimate’s Gold Standard Project, which works to reduce carbon emissions around the globe.

“As the governing body for motorcycling, the FIM had to show the example and promote a responsible environmental management in organizing its first event,” said FIM President, Vito Ippolito. “I was really surprised about the results of the CO2 emissions’ study showing that the biggest impact on the environment was made by the spectators’ mobility to reach the event. We hope that our example will be followed by other organisers who may also take this step in offsetting their emissions and include a sustainable policy in the preparation of their event. We also want to thank MyClimate for their cooperation and support in this process.”

MyClimate, which works with companies around the world, was impressed by the FIM’s effort.

“We welcome the efforts made by the FIM to reduce the carbon footprint of its event,” said Kai Spehr, MyClimate Project Leader. “We hope this commitment serves as an example for other organizers. We use the offset payments to develop and support carbon offset projects around the globe that are thus making effective carbon offsetting possible.

“What makes the projects so effective is that they focus on the substitution of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures (energy savings measures or application of effective technologies). In addition, they contribute to sustainable development and benefit the local population directly”

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