U-CLEAR HBC 100 Bluetooth Communicator Overview

Well if you are looking for a great product here it is. the New U-Clear HBC 100 Bluetooth Communicator is the world 1st boomless mike helmet communicator. The U-Clear Communicator uses Array microphone tech to eliminate the boom that all other headsets have. The great thing about the U-Clear HBC100 is the ( DSP ) Digital Signal Processing Technology which is patented and only used by UCLEAR for Bluetooth Helmets. So the DSP technology filters out the wind noise, background noise and other ambient sounds to give you crystal clear sound. The U-CLEAR HBC-100 is equipped with class 2 bluetooth V2.1 technology so you can pair with just about any bluetooth device on the market. You can use the Uclear Bluetooth motorcycle headset to listen to HiFi stereo music, talk on the phone, talk to other riders and more…You will love this headset…Just read the reviews from our customers and you will see the UCLEAR HBC100 is the headset for you.

If you want to use the U-clear HBC100 Bluetooth headset on other helmets you can buy the audio kit ( additional headset ) for each additional helmet. This is everything you need to move the U-clear HBC100 Bluetooth unit from one helmet to another. So If you have 3 helmets for just one rider, get 1 U-clear HBC100 unit and 2 U-clear HBC100 additional headsets ( audio kit ). 

The WT300 and ( push to talk ) PTT are available for Bike-to-Bike communications. You have the choice of just the PTT remote to hook up to a 2-way radio or the WT300 Kit that has both the Radio and PTT remote. This allows you to use the U-clear HBC100 to communicate up to 3 miles apart.

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