What to Look for in a Motorcycle Cover

Surprisingly, there are many motorcycle covers available that you can purchase that are of fairly good quality that will not break the bank. If you are on a budget, you will find many different brands of motorcycle covers that have different lines of covers to choose from and different kinds of protection. However, don’t buy one until you know what to look for. In your effort to protect your motorcycle by covering it up you might actually do more harm than good. Even if your bike is being stored in a garage, it’s a good idea to cover up your bike (at least with a partial cover) to prevent scratching from dust particles or any other nicks than can occur. Below are some things to look for in a good quality motorcycle cover.


Purchasing a breathable motorcycle cover is essential for long-term storage. It allows condensation and heat to escape through the cover preventing rust, mildew, mold or water damage. If your bike is being stored outside, a heavy duty water proof cover is recommended to keep your bike from being damaged by rain, dust and the harmful rays of the sun.


The best protection comes from a motorcycle cover that entirely surrounds your bike for 360 degrees of coverage if your bike is being stored outside. Also, these covers are relatively easy to take on and off.


It is also best to avoid cheap single layer nylon motorcycle covers, as many of these covers will end up ripping or snagging on hardware when you try to remove them. They may be inexpensive but eventually you will have to replace them. These types of covers aren’t often very breathable, which means moisture can get trapped underneath and depending on conditions, mildew could form on your seat and other motorcycle parts. As mentioned above, many companies sell heavy-duty outdoor covers that have a ventilation and waterproof surface.  Also, keep in mind that some brands offer warranties on covers. These are likely to last without needing replacement and if they do not, at least you will be covered.


Motorcycle covers do not just offer protection from potential damage—they also can be used to hide your bike from potential thieves or prying eyes. If you’re going to leave your pride and joy outside do you really want to advertise what it is? Avoiding any logos or brand names on your motorcycle cover is a smart idea.

We want to hear what kind of motorcycle covers or brands you use and why. Drop us a line in the comments and let us know!


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