Taiwan Increases Visibility in the Electric Vehicle Market with International Show

Uray electric motorcycleApril 6, 2011. The first-ever Taiwan International Electric Vehicle (EV) show kicked off today in Taipei, with a colorful opening ceremony where industry heads spoke of the positive growth of the economy and Taiwan’s increased action in the electric vehicle market.

Director Wen Kuang Yu of the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association said in his opening remarks, “In the future, we expect electric vehicles to account for 40% of all vehicles [in Taiwan]…The international market is trying to develop a standard for an electric vehicle battery, and we hope Taiwan can play a larger part in this.”

In the next four years alone, the country aims to place 160,000 electric scooters on the road.

South East Asia’s heavy use of scooters for short distance commutes make the region a ripe market for growth in the electric segment, where most small vehicles are limited to under 50 miles of travel before their batteries are depleted.

The Chairman of the Motorcycle Manufacturing Committee of the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association, Charles C. Huang, called on the government to step up their actions to become more competitive with the tax incentives of “neighboring countries”.

Members of the international press were invited on a test ride through Taipei in a fully-electric SUV made by Luxgen, the Taiwanese car company who calls itself a “global electric vehicle pioneer”. The vehicle’s motor is capable of outputting 150 kW (201 hp) and is powered by a 45kWh battery – the largest of any model on the electric market. (The Nissan Leaf and the Ford Focus Electric both use batteries around 24kWh.)

Taiwanese company Uray also had a strong presence on the opening day, with several design-conscious electric motorcycles on display. The bikes top out at around 25 mph, according to one company representative.

The EV show runs side-by-side with the sixth annual Taiwan International Motorcycle Show, and both expect to see around 17,000 visitors over the next several days.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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