Jorge Lorenzo, King of MotoGP, Talks About Rossi / Stoner Crash

jorge_lorenzo_king_of_motogpJorge Lorenzo just released his new book, Jorge Lorenzo, El Nuevo Rey de MotoGP,” (or Jorge Lorenz, The New King of MotoGP) and while talking about his 2010 road to the championship, the inevitable question was posed about the crash involving Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner.

Lorenzo did his best not to villainies his former teammate, but also said that he does not idolize the 9-time world champion, and respects him just like all the other MotoGP riders.

“Valentino has been a very important rival in my MotoGP career, a very tough one, but I respect all rivals in the same manner and as equals and I don’t idolize anyone,” Lorenzo said. “All the riders who line up on the starting grid are capable of beating you on any given day. I don’t give any greater or lesser importance to Valentino than I do to any other rider.”

When asked about the crash in Jerez, Lorenzo seemed to align with Stoner, saying that adrenaline can make people cause mistakes.

“When you’re on a bike the adrenaline is flowing at its maximum, and for Stoner it was all going great – victory in Qatar and pole at Jerez. He was at the head of the race when he went down, taken down by another rider,” Lorenzo said. “If that happens to be Valentino and he’s someone you don’t like much, as is the case with Stoner, it bothers you more. It was in the heat of the moment and you can forgive what he did. It was a human error from Valentino. Perhaps he was too fired up because he saw a possibility… he was more fired up than normal, and that’s why he crashed.”

Lorenzo currently leads the series after scoring a second place finish during the opening round in Qatar, and winning the race in Jerez. Lorenzo is concentrating on defending his 2010 MotoGP title, but he is also looking to the future.

Lorenzo will get a chance to test out the 2012 M1 in Mugello in July.

“(The 2012 M1) will be a little bit bigger, with more power, and I hope it will have the characteristics that have always been associated with a Yamaha: great in braking and through the turns,” Lorenzo said. “We hope to see a little change in the engine, so that it has more power than a Yamaha normally has – that’d be something I’d be grateful of, although we already know that the perfect bike does not exist.”

“Jorge Lorenzo, The New King of the MotoGP” is currently available in Spain. It will make its way stateside in the next few months.

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