Zero Motorcycles Goes South of the Border

Zero Motorcycles' Product Line-upZero Motorcycles can now say that they serve the entire North American market – or at least the three largest nations in terms of rider numbers and economy – with the addition of Mexico to their growing list of nations where Zero models can be purchased. Dofesa Aventura was selected to handle all sales and distributions of Zero products for the entire nation.

From the press release announcing the move, John Lloyd, VP of Worldwide Sales for Zero Motorcycles, stated: “Zero Motorcycles has experienced exceptional growth throughout Europe, and now we are pleased to be expanding our sales and distribution channels in North America with our neighbors in Mexico to continue the enhancement of Zero’s international reach.

Zero Motorcycles Zero DS Off-road“It has become increasingly important in this market to deliver an unparalleled experience for those who are interested in affordable, high-performance, two-wheeled transportation and,with Dofesa Aventura, we are perfectly poised to support this development and demand.”

Zero’s significant presence throughout Europe came about rather quickly once they entered the market in 2008; much of that was due to the demand for the electric motorcycles they manufacture exceeding even their own projections.

It was that success which drove the company to take the next step in North America in order to expand their footprint further.

Canada already has a large distribution network in place through importer and distributor National Motorsports of Montreal and is handled regionally by Ames Motorsports in Edmonton, Motosport Newman in Montreal and All Season Motorsports of Calgary. Consumers in Canada get added benefit by purchasing a Zero due to that nation’s government encouraging the move by offering numerous incentives.

At present, only the Zero S and DS will be available inside Mexico, and both models are already in country and demo rides may be arranged on both machines right now. Zero’s other models will be available for the demo program very soon, with models for purchase shipping in right behind them.

The New Zero Motorcycles Zero XUAlthough this news may appear to be insignificant in the grand scheme within the motorcycle industry, for electric motorcycles it is a big step. Not only can Mexican riders now easily buy themselves one of the fabulously fun and useful Zero electric motorcycle models, it also means that there is a more expansive serviceable area for owners of Zero bikes. North America, Europe, and Asia are now covered by Zero’s reach, which makes them the current global leader.

Electric motorcycles are here to stay, there is no longer any doubt about that, but the path to wide adoption may be the most interesting part to watch. Congratulations Zero, I can’t wait to ride one again!

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