Pennsylvania DOT Offers Free Motorcycle Safety Courses

PennDOTOn the East Coast of the United States, the big state of Pennsylvania has a Department of Transportation (PennDOT) which gives all appearances of having a real concern for the safety of the state’s motorcyclists. Part of this is done through the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program, which offers free motorcycle safety courses throughout the state.

The PennDOT courses are available at approximately 70 locations all across Pennsylvania and are offered starting in March all the way through October. Of course, they are also free to all Pennsylvania residents who have either a motorcycle learning permit or a full motorcycle riding endorsement.

Each of the basic rider classes consists of 15 hours of instruction; five of those are in a classroom and 10 are instruction in realistic riding experience on a closed course. As with many other similar programs, the motorcycle and helmet are provided for the student, but each rider must bring their own protective riding gear with them.

If a rider has already completed the basic course, a six-hour on-road refresher course is offered. For this class, though, students must bring their own motorcycle and full protective gear since the idea behind this is to improve the way a rider handles their own bike. The instructors even allow each student to bring along a passenger in this advanced class so theyPennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program may practice with real-world riding conditions which they may encounter every time they go out on two wheels.

According to acting PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch, “Through the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program, we are committed to helping all riders improve their safety knowledge and operating skills. By practicing proper riding techniques and learning how to handle their motorcycles in all types of road and weather conditions, motorcyclists can further reduce their chances of being involved in a crash.”

New to the program this year is a course which focuses on basic rider training for owners of three-wheeled motorcycles, or trikes. These vehicles are becoming more and more popular Pennsylvania MSP Refresher Courseand they do present very unique safety concerns. Considering the limited number of such classes available in other states, this demonstrates the effort and forward thinking that PennDOT is imbuing into the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program.

Of course, all courses are taught by fully-qualified motorcycle safety instructors. What you learn in these classes can save your life and the life of your passenger – and it’s FREE! To enroll or for more information point your browser here:

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