IMBBA Chooses 7 US Builders for World Cup Bike Building Competition

IMBBAThe International Master Bike Builders Association has chosen seven motorcycle builders to represent the United States in the World Cup Bike Building Competition, which will be held in Laval, Canada, on April 20th, 2012. This will be the first true competition between top builders from around the world.

“Each team of bike builders will also be responsible for sharing a bit of their culture at an expo booth during the event,” said Jeff Starke, founding president of the IMBBA. “Those who attend this event will truly be witnessing motorcycle history. Nothing like this has ever been attempted.”

The IMBBA has chosen Sam Baldi of Cherry Valley, California, John Shope of Phoenix, Arizona, Aaron Glenn of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Steve Galvin of St. Petersburg, Florida, Dave Dupor of Lake Villa, Illinois and Tim and Mike McNamer of Blue Mounds, Wisconsin to compete for the USA at next year’s competition.

“These builders have been consistent in winning points for showing their bikes country wide,” said the IMBBA in a press release. “This now, will be their biggest challenge to date, by representing the USA and the building prowess of their country at the World Cup Bike Building Competition. All bikes are being built in secrecy, never before shown anywhere in the world.”

The World Cup Bike Building Competition will be judged by the IMBBA’s international judging team, and will be held at the SportXpo Centre in Laval, Canada. Canada earned the honor of hosting the inaugural because they have amassed the most points throughout 2009-2010. The winner of the World Cup Bike Building Competition in 2012 will have hosting honors in 2014.

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