Chip Yates Sets Land Speed Record: The Fastest Electric Motorcycle in the World [Video]

chip_yates_time_slipChip Yates and his Swigz Racing electric motorcycle have already made history, but with their ambitious drive and unparallelled technology, they’ll be making history for a longtime to come. Yates just set an unofficial land speed record at the Mojave Mile, reaching a speed of 190.6mph. Yep, Chip Yates rides the fastest electric motorcycle in the world.

Yates said that a few mechanical problems and strong cross winds prevented him from hitting 200 mph. Yates and his team were only able to do two runs due to some blown chargers.

“I only got 2 runs cause we blew up $5000 in chargers with the generator we rented,” Yates said on Twitter. “We tested prior, but got diff model w/big volt spikes.”

Yates may have not made his 200 mph goal, but riding the fastest electric motorcycle in the world isn’t too shabby either. Here’s a video of Yates’ historic run.

The previous record holder for the fastest electric motorcycle was held by Lightning Motorcycles, which achieved 173 mph at Bonneville about 6 months ago. Lightning Motorcycles would go on to win the TTXGP, a series that Yates was not allowed to compete in because of the size of his motorcycle.

But Yates has found other ways to race his motorcycle. He became the first electric motorcycle to podium in a petrol bike race last year, and will be competing in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb this June.

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