Nelson Rigg SLR Solar Charging Luggage

SLR 25 Sport Tank Bag

Competition Accessories is proud to announce that we are now carrying the worlds 1st motorcycle luggage with solar charging capabilities, the New Nelson Rigg Solar Series Luggage. If you travel with electronics and are always looking for ways to keep them charged, Then the Nelson Rigg SLR Solar Charging Luggage is for you.

SLR 25 Tank Bag open

The SLR solar charging luggage has many different models, sizes, and set ups, but they all have 1 purpose in common. Solar Series Luggage is made to help keep your electronics charged and working even after days of riding. The SLR Luggage has a built in solar panel to use natural sunlight to charge your electronics. The built in battery pack is charged by the solar panels to charge your device.The battery is removable to carry with you for a hike or just to keep with you.

Solar Tail Pack

The battery can fully charge a cell phone up to 3 times before needing to be recharged itself. Imagine going on a 4 day ride with friends and never having to worry about your GPS, cellphone, or iPod dying halfway through the trip. Not only are the Nelson Rigg SLR Solar Luggage great assets for charging your electronics, but they are very roomy. The luggage has pouches for everything you can think of; cell phones, glasses, maps, iPods, wallets, keys, etc.

Sport Saddle Bag

The tank bags also double as backpacks and have a clear window so you can view your iPod, GPS, or phone while it is tucked away from the outside elements. The bags attach with velcro, suction cups, magnets, or quick release straps keeping the bags from marking your bike. The inside pockets have bungee straps to help secure the items during travel. The Solar Series Luggage is available as Tank bags, Tail bags, Saddle bags, or Backpacks.
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