Three Champions to Ride Sidecars at IOMTT

isle_of_man_sidecarIt should be an exciting year for the sidecar race at the Isle of Man TT. Three former world champions will be participating in the sidecar races this year, including the Birchall brothers, Tim Reeves, and Klaus Klaffenbock.

Former World Champions Ben and Tom Birchall will be returning to the mountain course after a year absence, as well as Tim Reeves and his passenger Frenchman Gregory Cluze. But Klaus Klaffenbock and his Manx passenger Daniel Sayle will be the team to beat this year, as Klaffenbock and Sayle won both sidecar races at the Isle of Man in 2010.

“The sidecar class remains an integral part of the TT Race Programme and it is pleasing to see an increase in entries for this year with as many as eight newcomer drivers taking on the Mountain Course for the first time,” said Paul Phillips, TT and Motorsport Manager. “The standard of the entry is first class and the races are as open as they have been for many years.”

The TT is a unique track that only a few can say that they have conquered it. Tim Reeves, a three time world champion, has never won at the mountain course. Reeves will try to add a TT win to his resume this year, but he’ll have to fight off riders like John Holden and Andrew Winkle.

Holden and Winkle will be seeking revenge on their Suzuki machine this year. The pair came up just 1 second short of the win last year, losing out to Klaffenbock and Sayle.

Conrad Harrison, the final man on the podium in 2010, will have a new partner this year as he tries to improve his position. Harrison will be racing with Mike Aylott this year, and will compete against Tony Elmer/Darren Marshall, Gary Bryan/Gary Partridge, Roy Hanks/Dave Wells and the returning Dougie Wright/Martin Hull.

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