MotoGP to Organize Hearing Over Rossi-Stoner Crash

motogp_logoThe MotoGP has just announced that it will be organizing a hearing with the Clerk of the Course and the Chief Marshal to review the crash between Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner that occurred during the race at Jerez.

Here is the statement from the MotoGP:

“Following the collision between Rossi and Stoner during the MotoGP race of the Spanish Grand Prix on 3 April in Jerez, the Race Direction has decided to organise a hearing with the Clerk of the Course and the Chief Marshal in order to review the incident and to hear the explanation of the officials in charge.

Due to the fact that the final decision of the Race Direction will not affect the result of the race, the hearing will be organised on Thursday 28 April in Estoril, Portugal.”

It looks like the MotoGP is concerned, not with Valentino Rossi’s braking move during the race which caused the collision, but with the action of race officials after the crash occurred.

Casey Stoner said after the crash that he was upset with crew officials because they all went to help Rossi and not him.

“It was a racing incident and there’s not much we can do,” Stoner said. “What is more frustrating is the reaction of the stewards and their assistance for Valentino and not for me – it was unbelievable.”

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