Wheel2Wheel and Morgan Parker on Asian Journey

Wheel2Wheel Travel Team BannerAustralian Morgan Parker was an investment banker in Hong Kong when the Great Recession hit the region hard, as it did much of the world. This event forced most everyone – except the wealthy – to reconsider their lives and the basic values they held about what living is all about.

Parker found himself dissatisfied with his own desires for financial gain and personal achievement – goals all of us seem to be constantly focused upon; he discovered his need to help others and began doing so.

Those early days for Parker were about researching charities and writing checks to help out, but the longer he did this, the more he wondered how that money was spent and who was being helped. As Parker delved more deeply looking for just how much of a difference he was making, he learned about the many issues which plague small-scale assistance groups and that knowledge changed his approach.

Wheel2Wheel's Simon Lock & Morgan ParkerThe large charities of the world have a great deal of help with advertising and marketing, but the small and local groups do not have that benefit. Instead, they have to spend much of their time seeking money, volunteers and awareness – leaving less time to do the work which they were founded to do.

This led Parker towards an idea, a grand idea which could help these local aid organizations get those precious commodities a bit more easily. He decided to found an organization to work as a meta-organizer which is setup to help bring awareness and money to groups in Hong Kong, Australia, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. He named it Wheel2Wheel and began to plan his path.

Part of Wheel2Wheel is a grand motorcycle journey which is set to encompass 100 days, 20,000 kilometers (12,400+ miles) and ten countries. In each of those countries, Parker has chosen a local non-governmental organization to work with and each in a slightly different way. It took two years to do the groundwork necessary for the trip – finding the ten charities was quite possibly the most difficult aspect.

Wheel2Wheel's Morgan Parker and his BMW F800GSHe chose the motorcycle ride based on the passion people have for that for of transport. The simple equation is that more passion combined with the story of Parker out there in the world and actually visiting the people who are being helped will equal more awareness and more money, and thus heightened effectiveness.

Parker and Wheel2Wheel have already started the journey and he recently crossed into Cambodia, but he still has much more to complete. If you are interested or want to give your own help to the man and his mission, you can either check out the Wheel2Wheel website or visit their Facebook page. Whatever you do, please join us in wishing Parker and Wheel2Wheel great success in the journey and in the vision this group has for the future of giving and helping.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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