Helmet Laws: Individual Choice vs. Taxpayer Concerns

No_helmetThere is not a more hotly debated issue in motorcycling than helmet laws.  Motorcyclists often argue vehemently that the decision whether or not to wear a helmet is completely a matter of individual choice.  On the other hand, state and federal governments consistently argue that safety trumps individual choice.  There is, however, a huge third party that this issue impacts – the American taxpayers.

Simply put, uninsured or under insured motorcyclists who suffer serious head injuries in a crash are going to be treated in an emergency room.  The dollar amount that is not covered by the rider and his or her insurance must be absorbed by the taxpayers.

So what is the cost to taxpayers?  Since we just completed another Daytona Bike Week, let’s first take a look at some Florida statistics.  In 2009, taxpayer-supported emergency services and trauma centers had to absorb $190 million in treatment costs from motorcycle crashes that were not covered by insurance.  Obviously, not all of that cost was directly related to not wearing helmets; however, head injuries are among the most costly to treat.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) estimates that the yearly taxpayer cost for injuries directly attributed to non-helmet wearing motorcyclists is over $900 million.  So nation-wide, the annual cost to taxpayers approaches $1 billion.

So here is the question posed to our blog readers: When you include that massive third party, the American taxpayers (of which we are all a part), is wearing a helmet still a matter of individual choice?

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

0 thoughts on “Helmet Laws: Individual Choice vs. Taxpayer Concerns

  1. NOT a valid argument! Since statistically more lidless riders end up dying it is very close to being a wash to the Tax payers where the cost are concerned. Don’t buy the lie.
    Personally I would never ride without a helmet but I am opposed to laws mandating their use. Let the grown adult make his/her own choice.


  2. We all have to pay taxes regardless. What those taxes pay for is beyond my control. Taking away a personal decision is beyond the scope of control our government should be allowed. Therefore, I believe that wearing a helmet must be left to the rider’s discretion.

    I always wear a helmet for personal safety reasons regardless of the law. I ride in states where helmets are not required (and also in states where they are), but wear one anyway. I’d like a fighting chance to live after a crash. That’s MY choice…not the government’s!


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