AMA Announces Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure Riding Series

AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré National Adventure Riding SeriesYamaha only recently announced that their new 1200cc multi-purpose, world-conquering Super Ténéré would be available in the U.S. (September 2010), but they have already started to market the machine heavily. In fact, the Ténéré will not even be widely available here in North America until May, which is when Yamaha will begin deliveries to people who placed a deposit through the Priority Delivery Program.

Their new plan for increasing sales of this not-yet-available machine, though, has already been confirmed. The 2011 racing season will see the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and Yamaha work together in what is the premier racing series for those who love the big-bore adventure bikes, the AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure Riding Series.

2011 Yamaha T1200Z Super Ténéré Yes, in previous years it was known by its earlier title sponsor, BMW, but the 2011 season will see Yamaha taking over the sponsorship duties once held by that European company. The series is geared towards demonstrating the capabilities of a manufacturer’s large-displacement adventure-touring machine, and it will feature 20 rounds in 2011.

Each event takes place in some of the more scenic areas of the United States, and involves everything from asphalt and gravel to two-track trails mapped out by local riders. Of course, included with the ride are the fun of being surrounded by riders who love the same terrain as you do, and the many other activities throughout the weekend such as campfire-cooked meals and sleeping under the stars.

The rise in popularity of these go-everywhere bikes has brought more interest into seeing them compete against one another, thus the Adventure Riding Series has seen its own attendance and participation increasing every season. Yamaha, as any business would, wants to take some advantage from that to help the company sell their Super Ténéré, and this is an excellent way to do just that. Of course, it certainly helps that the grand prize for the series is a 2012 model of their machine.

2011 Yamaha T1200Z Super Ténéré The 2012 Yamaha Super Ténéré has a DOHC 1199cc ultracompact parallel-twin powerplant with a 270-degree crank pushing through a six-speed gearbox into a shaft final drive. It also has an all-new steel frame which uses the engine as a stressed member and is designed specifically to reduce rider fatigue on long-distance rides.

Electronics used on-board are extensive and include the ‘new standard’ list of traction control, ABS, EFI, YCC-T fly-by-wire throttle, Yamaha’s D-Mode drive mode selection system, and much more. This is Yamaha’s answer to the BMW GS series, the new Ducati Multistrada 1200, and the many other such adventurers currently on the market.

“The AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure Ride Series will expose the Super Ténéré to serious adventure-touring riders around the country,” according to David Docktor, Yamaha’s motorcycle marketing manager. “We plan to have a Super Ténéré on each ride, so participants can see first-hand how capable and fun to ride this new machine really is.”

And, Yamaha will provide prizes beyond the Super Ténéré in the form of products from the Yamaha Genuine Accessories and Apparel catalog via local dealers. Riders who participate in the AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure Riding Series riding the Yamaha will be offered even more special promotions during the season.

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