Rico Penzkofer Will Return to Isle of Man TT in 2011

Rico_at_Isle_of_Man_TTRico Penzkofer will be returning to the Isle of Man TT this year after a superb performance in 2010. The German will be embarking on his third year in the TT, and he is aiming for top 10 finishes.

Penzkofer came less than a tenth of a second short of lapping at 125 mph around the mountain course last year, and earned a 12 place finish in the senior TT. But Penzkofer hopes that he’ll be able to put Germany back to the podium soon, something the country hasn’t accomplished since 1986 when Helmut Dahne took 2nd in the Production B TT.

“Germany has a strong TT tradition and while they have not had much success recently,” said Paul Phillips, TT and Motorsport Development Manager. “It’s great to see Rico coming through the ranks. I’m sure that he’ll add to his country’s illustrious TT history if he achieves the results that his talent deserves.”

Penzkofer made his TT debut in 2009, where he earned a 30th place finish and set a fastest lap of 119.24 mph. Penzkofer would vastly improve in 2010, bettering his speed by more than 5 mph to become the 27th fastest rider to ever lap the 37.25 mile mountain course.

Penzkofer plans to ride the Superbike and the Senior races this year with BMW. He’ll ride the Supersport races on a Yamaha.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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