Maxime Berger Loses Rear Wheel at Donington Park [Video]

maxime_berger_loses_a_wheelWell this is something you don’t see every day. While racing around the Donington Park track, Maxime Berger’s rear wheel breaks off and flies down the track ahead of him.

Berger, who rides a Ducati 1098R for the Supersonic Racing team, suffered “unexpected rim failure” at Donington Park.

Berger was unharmed in the crash.

Here’s the video of Maxime Berger losing his wheel at Donington Park.

“I’m disappointed and incredulous,” said Berger. “I’ve never had to stop twice for two such strange reasons. The rim broke. I was lucky because it broke in a slow corner. I went to the ground without knowing what happened. Practice had gone well. I had a good feeling with the Ducati and was at a pace that would allow me to win my first points in the championship. Anyway, the team did a great job here at Donington and with their help I am sure the results will come in the coming races.”

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