Fail: Bubba Stewart Impersonates Police, Gets Arrested

Officer Bubba StewartJames “Bubba” Stewart was arrested last night for impersonating a police officer. The 25- year- old motocross phenom was taken to a jail in Orlando, FL after he attempted to pull over a vehicle with his own version of flashing lights. Sure, scaring the shit out of people with a fake police light is all in good fun, but it just so happened that the vehicle he pulled was occupied by two off-duty police officers.

He’s fast in the dirt, so he decided to make another brilliant move and flee when the two men identified themselves as officers. Unfortunately, there were no table-tops or whoops to slow down the officers from calling ahead to the Orange County Sherriff, and Officer Bubba was taken into custody at the Orlando International Airport, along with his passenger, 44-year- old Thames Quinault, who tried to conceal the lights from the police in his bag.

Really? Millions of dollars, fame, and fans won’t stop some people from being infinitely stupid. Great job James, have a Red Bull.

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