AAA Opposes Helmet Law Repeal in Michigan

motorcycle_helmetIn a few short months, a four-decades old mandatory helmet law could come to an end in Michigan. Legislation has been introduced to both the House and the Senate which would no longer require Michiganites to wear helmets. AAA says that repealing the helmet law would cause more traffic fatalities, and raise insurance costs.

AAA says that this isn’t the first time that legislation has been introduced to get rid of the mandatory helmet rule. Just about every year there is an attempt to put an end to the law, but AAA says that the majority of people in Michigan actually support the mandatory helmet law.

A market research poll showed that 81% of people in Lansing wanted to maintain the current helmet law, and a survey by AAA showed that 90% of AAA members also want to maintain the law.

Furthermore, an Office of Highway Safety Planning analysis found that revoking the current helmet law would result in an additional 30 motorcycle fatalities a year. There would also be 127 more incapacitating injuries, which would cost about $129 million in additional economic cost to Michigan citizens.

AAA also points to the helmet laws, or lack there of, in Florida, Kentucky, and Louisiana. Each state no longer has a mandatory helmet law, and each state has seen a rise in motorcycle fatalities and a rise in cost.

AAA makes a pretty solid case, but do you agree? The legislation being introduced would require motorcyclists above the age of 21 to have $20,000 in medical coverage if they are going to ride without a helmet. Another piece of legislation would require riders to have two-years of motorcycle experience or a safety course certification before they can remove their helmets.

Personally, I think every single rider on the road should be wearing a motorcycle helmet. But I also don’t believe that it should be mandatory to do so.

What do you think?

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