Motorcycle Lovers Get Ready, “The Great Ride” Premiers March 29th

the_great_rideWith warm weather is slowly approaching, motorcyclists around the world are dreaming about that next big adventure. “The Great Ride,” a new show on Fox Sports, takes a look at some of the greatest rides, the newest inventions, and the personalities that drive the motorsports world.

“The series is designed for everyone who loves motorcycles, trucks, RV’s, PWC’s, and are looking for great destinations to explore,” says Executive Producer and creator Jeff Androsky. “We’ve been developing the series for the past two years and now have the perfect partnerships in place to keep the show rolling down the highway. It’s about freedom, adventure and character… if you love America, you’ll love this show.”

“The Great Ride” will take viewers down interstates and backroads to some of the greatest two-wheel destinations, including the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. “The Great Ride” has teamed up with Rob Woodruff of The Legendary Buffalo Chip, and will give an inside look at the “Best Party Anywhere.”

“We started with a couple of cases of cold beer and some good music, just a little party that’s grown a bit over the years,” says The Legendary Buffalo Chip owner Rod Woodruff. “Being a part of The Great Ride is a natural progression for The Chip. We have loyal visitors who are constantly looking for information about good products, new places to go and better ways to get there… but there are so many differing opinions out there on TV and the internet… some good, some not so good, some are just really not that truthful… the show sorts all that out. Everything that’s on The Great Ride is certified by The Buffalo Chip.”

The creators of “The Great Ride” say that the purpose of the show is to give specific, detailed, up to date information. A lot of motorcycle guides can get outdated pretty quickly, but “The Great Ride” is aiming to keep the show updated with new information.

“Today TV viewers want their information fast, they want to be entertained, that’s the foundation of The Great Ride. We offer something no other television series can provide, access to influential personalities and products, plus constantly updated news and information about motorcycles, trucks, destinations and adventure.” Carol Sherman, Executive Producer of The Great Ride. “Not only is the television platform of the series timely, our web site and social media platforms are alive with user generated content. We are constantly hearing advertisers and content providers talking about convergence, here at The Great Ride we not only talk about it… we make it.”

The Great Ride premiers Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 11pm eastern (10 central) on Fox Sports Net.

Here’s a sneak peak at “The Great Ride.”

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